(Go to google and type in city street by herman merli It is the first image(black and white buildings) Which element of art is most evident in the drawing of these buildings?

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  1. social studies

    how did geography influence the city-states of Sumer?
  2. Social Studies

    Did Rome start as a city on the Italian Peninsula?
  3. us history

    The ancient Greek city-state of Athens was _____.
  4. spainsh

    the worlds largest capital city and the country where it is located
  5. north america

    san francisco, california, a country or a city?
  6. civils

    a blank includes a central city and the suburbs that surround it.
  7. social studies

    responsibility to ensure the prosperity of the city rome
  8. geography

    Is this correct? Mexico city is north of the tropic of capricorn?

    why do you think william penn chose the historic district for the city?
  10. math

    Would a mountain be a good location for a city? Explain why or why not
  11. geography

    How would you describe the environment of New York City?
  12. global history s.s.

    how did geography influence the city-states of Sumer?
  13. texas world history

    which of these activities is an example of city planning?
  14. maths

    what is the pros and cons of locating a business in City Centre
  15. Look for poem

    can anyoone help me to find these two poems... 1.AmeR¨ªcan 2.Instruction for Joining a New Society Do you know the authors? I looked on google but found nothing.
  16. Science

    Can anyone exlplain how particles behave in the reaction between iron and sulphur???!!! Ive checked all over google and cant find any helpful answers!!! PLZ HELP ME!!
  17. English (Urgent)

    How many Native Americans are here inn the world now? I did a google search, but I can't find my answer still, so can anyone please help me out wih this question? Thanks.
  18. math

    A total of 8 058 044 651 Web pages were searched by Google by the end of 2004. Express this number in a scientific notation and in expanded form.
  19. Math

    A total of 8 058 044 651 Web pages were searched by Google by the end of 2004. Express this number in a scientific notation and in expanded form.
  20. physics

    I need to know the resistivity of german silver wire. I've looked at a few Google sources and I've seen several different results. Anyone know which value I should use?
  21. INF103 Computer literacy

    Searching for information on Google is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Is that true? Was the library of the 19th century more efficient?
  22. physics

    Taking R = 1.00 k Ω and ∑ 250 V in Figure P28.25, determine the direction and magnitude of the current in the horizontal wire between a and e. google this to find picture
  23. Physics

    What would be the path of the Moon if somehow all gravitational forces on it vanished to zero? Please help; need an original answer no Google search. Thank you in advance...
  24. Physics

    What would be the path of the Moon if somehow all gravitational forces on it vanished to zero? Please help; need an original answer no Google search. Thank you in advance...
  25. check geo

    the tropical climate of the amazon basin results from its location and: A)altitude B)rainfall C)the tides D)prevailing wind patterns my choose:b a quipu is a: a) tool that the aztec used for farming. b)type of house in which several generations of inca could live. C)type of ...
  26. statistics

    Needing help to get this answer right. _c___ 3. What is the relationship between the alpha level, the size of the critical region, and the risk of a Type I error? a. As the alpha level increases, the size of the critical region increases and the risk of a Type I error ...
  27. Statistics

    1. For the following exercise, complete the following: a. Find the mean, median, and range for each of the two data sets. b. Find the standard deviation using the rule of thumb for each of the data sets. c. Compare the two sets and describe what you discover. The following ...
  28. english

    The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is not prose style right? What style is it written in? Thanks. There are two kinds of writing that you're referring to -- prose and poetry. If it's not poetry, it's prose! Style is different. Here are some websites that refer to style in ... ...
  29. Trigonometry

    Christian is between two tall buildings 10m away from the taller building if the angle of the top of the building from where he stands bears N8DEGREESW for the taller one and N10DEGREESE for other,how far is he from the other building if the taller building is 5/4 as tall as ...
  30. algebra

    At an auto show, a car dealer asked the first 10 visitors their ages and the kinds of cars they own. The Venn diagram shows the details. A Venn diagram titled Ages of Car Owners, indicating the ages of owners of each type of car. Each of the three circles in the Venn diagram ...
  31. English

    Can you please tell me why "The hotel lies at a short distance from the beach" is wrong? Here are some more words I'd like you to check with reference to fashion. 1) wedge-heeled shoes, Parà-rubber shoes, trousers with patches on both sides, jeans with orange seams. 2) Can a ...
  32. physics

    2 waves are traveling through a container of nitrogen gas. Amplitude of the first wave is 0.3 cm, and the second 0.9 cm. What is true about the two waves? a. the energy of thee first wave is less than the second b. energy of the first wave is greater c. speed of the first wave...
  33. English

    1. This book was most helpful for my homework. 2. This book was the most helpful for my homework. (Which one is grammatical? Do we have to use 'the' or not in this case?) Q: How do we pronounce 'helpful'? (It's a little difficult to pronounce...Thank you for your help.) ...
  34. English

    1. This book was most helpful for my homework. 2. This book was the most helpful for my homework. (Which one is grammatical? Do we have to use 'the' or not in this case?) Q: How do we pronounce 'helpful'? (It's a little difficult to pronounce...Thank you for your help.) ...
  35. Culutral Anthro

    I left my book at school and now trying to search everywhere to find some of these answers. I've complete more than half of my questions but have 4 that I cant figure out to include this one: Which of the following is NOT valid? 1 Outside forces have lead to the extinction of ...
  36. Grammar

    Readthe sentences. Write the first letter of the type of figurative language used in each sentence, S=Simily M=Metaphor H=Hyperbole P=Personification 1. The wind whistled through the trees. P 2. I am so hungry I could eat a horse. H 3. She was as quiet as a mouse. S 4. I have ...
  37. Psychology220

    Write a 350- to 700-word response summarizing the three dimensions of love and how they interrelate to identify a specific type of love relationship. I have the fist part done but I am not really sure how to go about writing how they interrelate to identify a specific type of ...
  38. psychology

    Which one of the following statements about intelligence is the most accurate a. Iq is a valid measurement, and environmental factors do not change mental ability b. Intelligence is mostlygenetic has the most variability between groups and is reliable regardless of the ...
  39. Grammar

    Write one paragraph (150 word minimum) about the most helpful information you have learned from your other second block course on how to make financial decisions. Identify the topic sentence by [] and the clincher by {}. **Is this correct? [From my financial class I have ...
  40. College Algebra

    Find a record breaking temp. for a city. Include name of city, temp., and record broke. Give the formula for converting degrees F. to degrees C. Using the formula show how to convert to degrees C. Part 2) Find real life application of a linear function. State the application, ...
  41. math

    A woman 5 ft tall is standing near a street lamp that is 12 ft tall. Find a function that models the length L of her shadow in terms of her distance d from the base of the lamp.
  42. Physics

    What is the minimum speed you would need to roll a lacrosse ball down a flat street for it to be able to roll over a speed bump with a height of 12 cm
  43. English

    This restaurant carries several kinds of street food such as odeng, tteokbokki, pretzels, beaver tails, waffles, and stick food. Odeng is fish cake. An odeng is 500 won. Both a long odeng and a flat odeng are 500 won. A tteokbokki is 500 won as well. A bungoeppang is 500 won. ...
  44. English

    Street food looks good and cheap. ------------ What is the meaning of 'looks good' in the sentence?
  45. Education

    Hi, I just have a question about this assignment I have. It says to complete an internet search to find at least two instances of conflicts between the legal and ethical issues confronting the education of ELLs. "For example, some states have ceased funding for bilingual ...
  46. Geometry

    What is a vertex? for example, there is a triangle with the point of it circled. the book asks if it's a vertex. i looked it up on google and dictionary, but i don't get it. thanks for any help!
  47. Math

    Can you drop your email for my math question?Its on Google classroom and it has a picture that does not copy onto jiskha's homework help
  48. English

    Though I specialized in Germanic languages, I need to present (in a very simple way using a very simple language) some scientific topics in English to Italian 18-year-old-students (studying applied sciences) whose English is very poor. I'm seeking internet sites where ...
  49. life sciences

    John is often thirsty and he urinates often , he struggles to concentrate and lacks energy,his docter told him he has developed type 2 diabetics Discuss: •Regulation of blood glucose level by hormones. •advice on how john can control and treat type 2 diabetics. •serious ...
  50. Social Studies

    What was the name of the government that was developed after the revolutionary war? I do believe that it would be the Articles of Confederation, which eventually failed.. Articles of confederation is not the "name of the government." Do you mean First Continental Congress? ...
  51. Science

    1. Which of the following explains why a bone in a birds wing is homologous to a bone in a lizards front leg? A. the bones in the two species provide for the same type of motion. B. the bones in the two species are both vestigial structures. C. the two species were exposed to ...
  52. dog behavior

    please check my answer thanks so much :) Which one of the following commands is most like a safety net for a dog? A. Controlled walking B. Leave it C. Heel D. Emergency down I am not sure At first I think it would be B because it would stop the dog from maybe eating something ...
  53. Art

    So I'm trying to answer Leonardo da Vinci's statement on perspective. And the question is: How does our mnemonics trick FOPS (Fading, Overlapping, Placement, Size) Corroborate (confirm) the following statement by the great Renaissance Master Leonardo da Vinci? "Perspective is ...
  54. math, finite mathematics

    My question is that i need help for this problem understanding how they came about to the answer it is an odd problem so: The answer they have is: 18 cakes for the first one. 8 cakes for the second one. 2 cake for the third one. Here is the original problem: A baker sells ...
  55. Comprehension

    To see the outline of a building as its shadow is cast on the lawn of a park is always amazing to see. When the sun rises perfectly centered at the end of an avenue lined with beautiful buildings, it can make a person stop dead in their tracks to admire it. Q: When is the sun ...
  56. History

    11. Groups in Northern Ireland and gangs in major U.S. cities create “exclusive” areas by....... A. government programs B. street names C. Jim Crow laws D. graffiti demarcating territories E. religious laws C?
  57. Algebra

    Use the figure to answer the following questions: ( a triangle with the bottom right corner of it labeled L with (1, 1) x y coordinates. Left corner of the triangle is labeled M at the (-3, 1) coordinates. the top of the triangle is labeled K at the (-2, 5) coordinates. A. ...
  58. math

    ART An artist is going to sell two sizes of prints at an art fair. The artist will change $20 for a small print and $45 for a large print. The artist would like to sell twice ad many small prints as large prints. The booth the artist is renting for the day cost $510. How many ...

    how is the size of a legislative district determined A. by geographical boundaries B. by city limits C. by the apportioned population D. by county boundaries*** 2. the term bicameral legislature refers to two of what A. chambers of the General Assembly *** B. state senators in...
  60. scarlet letter

    What are the five motifs in chapters 16-19? I've got the "black man", sunlight, narrow path, and there should be two more......?
  61. science

    what would happen if a large amt of light colored dust was added to the atmosphere? dark black soot from fire?
  62. science

    which of the following best transmits light? a. pair of eyeglasses b. black construction paper c. a wooden door d. a concrete wall
  63. physics

    If a burning log is a black object with a surface area of 0.35 m2 and a temperature of 800 ¢ªC, how much power does it emit as thermal radiation?
  64. Louisiana History

    I really need help I don't understand this. What type of economy was supported by bartering among Native Americans? a market economy b traditional economy c mercantile economy d command economy 2. Which of the following conditions made most of Louisiana an ideal place for a ...
  65. Science-3 questions.

    Which of the following best describes the climates of Europe and North America during the 1.8 million years of the Quaternary period? hot and dry cool and rainy periods followed by droughts warm and mild a series of ice ages followed by periods when the glaciers melted Which ...
  66. Statistics

    This is the first question..... For a population that has a standard deviation of 10, figure the standard deviation of the distribution of means for samples of size- (b) 3. This is the second question....For each of the following samples that were given an experimental ...
  67. english

    I need to rewrite this sentece getting rid of unnecessary or redundnt words. Most of the attempts to prove he did not write the plays are based on the limitation of his experience and upbrining. And can you please correct this: 1. Apparently, some scholars think that William ...
  68. Us history

    I have a few questions that i have no idea... What were some of the factors that helped John F.Kennedy win the presidency? What were the results of the bay of pigs invasion? How was the berlin crisis resolved? thanks again i just have no idea wat they are Check this site. http...
  69. Pre Algebra

    Which hill described in the table is the steepest and why? Street. Horizontal distance vertical (ft). Rise of Street (ft) Dixie hill. 100. 60 Bell hill. 100. 50 Liberty hill 100. 20 A. Dixie hill; it rises 5 feet for every 3 feet of horizontal travel. B. Dixie hill; rises 3/5 ...
  70. Art ... Light

    Hello, Flourescent lighting has a high color temperature... Correct? Thank You
  71. art

    Why did ancient stlye not change much over it 3,000 year existance?
  72. art

    Which ancient produced musical instruments as artwork? I think it was the Nomadic cultures.
  73. social studies

    what period of indian art do the walls of ajantacaue tell about?
  74. art

    Was wondering, what kinda job I could get with a BTEC National Diploma in Fine Arts???
  75. artist

    Why would some people like having music as their art in school?
  76. art

    i have to do a box all about me, i just can't think on what to do? maybe a catwalk but like what?
  77. college

    Social, political, or economic conditions can alter the nature and meaning of art.
  78. art

    How do you see archetypes affecting our individual lives and how are they gods and goddesses.
  79. art survey

    give several examples of editing techniques used in the production?
  80. Art

    What important event happened in the netherlands which affected vincent van gogh?
  81. art

    How do artists employ the various qualities of line in their works? Were I can find information on this
  82. artist

    Why did George Braque create the cubist style of art? Anybody know? Thankyou Liz
  83. curriculum content

    Which is the oldest art? A. Drama/theater B. Photography C. Dance D. Music
  84. English

    What is society's role in Art? I need a really strong thesis for this..Plzzzzz help me..
  85. graphic design

    the purpose of an art is to provide visual appeal. true or false
  86. Art

    I need help understanding the Principles and Elements of Visual Arts with the help of images which examplify them...
  87. Grade 11 Art

    I believe that Baroque and Renaissance shoes were made by hand. Is it true?
  88. art

    thanks bob but with out words i am more lost than before. what are the photos showing me?
  89. art

    can you change the relationship between object and background by changing their colors? what happens
  90. Art

    Please help me unscramble these words:(foods) hdogtg hicps iclekp khecupt
  91. Social Studies

    How did the principles of the Enlightenment affect the production and development of European art

  93. languaje art

    i have some sentences i need to separates subjects and predicates
  94. curriculum content

    which is the oldest art? A.Dram-theater B. photography C. Dance D. music
  95. Art

    What atrists, styles and events did Pierre Auguste Renoir have influences on?
  96. English

    Discuss how you see the theme of creating art developing in stories and poems.
  97. language art

    What is the writing style of the book the Tiger Rising by KATE DECAMILLO?
  98. language and art

    To travel to France from Egypt, you have to pass through which countries?
  99. social - totem pole

    can you explain the history of northwest coast native art?
  100. new art history

    compare and contrast san vitale and sant' apollinaire
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