Homework Help: Science: Biology: Engineering New Organisms

by Leo Galleguillos

Not only can scientists use breeding to create organisms to our advantage, but scientists now have the technology to insert foreign genes into an animal. Organisms that are formed with foreign genes are known as transgenic organisms.

By producing transgenic organisms, scientists can improve patients with diseases such as diabetes or cystic fibrosis. For example, diabetes is a disease in which the body does not receive enough insulin to survive. Scientists then insert genes into the diabetes which instruct the disease to create insulin. The patient's symptoms are then improved!

Transgenic organisms are sometimes referred to as organisms that have gone through gene therapy. Gene therapy can be considered messing around with genes by some people, while others believe it's the great advantage of the future.

However, issues pop up along with gene therapy. Should we be enabled the ability to control the outcome of a human hybrid? In other words, should be make all humans more resistant to diseases, stronger, taller, and smarter? Some say yes for the advantages, while others say it would be a too-perfect world.

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