1. L.A Ms. Sue? or anybody?
    1. Which of the following aspects of the setting is evidence that the giver is an example of science fiction A. Jonas rides a bike to school every day B. jonas's father works in a daycare center C. a loudspeaker makes announcements to the community. D. Jonas lives in a simple ...
  2. Science
    When a water wave with a positive amplitude of one meter meets another water wave with a negative amplitude of one meter, what will be the result? Explain.
  3. Science
    What is the formula for the frequency of visible light? Using this formula, explain what will happen to the frequency when yellow light (580 nanometers) is slowed down slightly when it passes through a crystal.
  4. Science help urgent :/
    What has been the general trend in human population growth? A.) The human population has decreased. b.) The human population has remained constant. C.) The human population has grown exponentially. d.) The human population has increased and then decreased significantly.
  5. Science
    1.If the current (in amps) remains the same, but the voltage increases, what effect does this have on the power (in watts) consumed by some device? 2.How is the dimension of time different from the dimensions defining space?
  6. Science
    Is sulfur a good conductor or poor conductor of heat and electricity?
  7. Science
    Can you plz check asp 1. Suppose the total momentum of two masses before a collision is 100 kg m/s. What is the total momentum of the two masses after they collide? (1 point) 0 kg m/s 50 kg m/s 100 kg m/s 200 kg m/s 2. What is the momentum of a 20.0 kg scooter traveling at 5....
  8. Science
    A free proton and a free electron are placed in a uniform electric field. Which of the 2 will experience a greater acceleration?
  9. Science
    Plz check it fast or just improve advice 9. Provide three statements that demonstrate the importance of units when describing motion. (3 points) Three statements that demonstrate the importance of units when describing motion are 1.unit i m/s indicate it is in SI unit 2.It ...
  10. Science
    Use the word ANGLE OF REFRACTION in a sentence?
  11. science
    it has been hypothesized that chloroplasts originated from photosynthetic cyanobacteria that became symbiotic inside a host cell. Which of the following observations provides the strongest evidence for this suggestion? A) microscopically, chloroplast appear similar to ...
  12. science
    Is glycerol a fat, carbohydrate or protein?
  13. Stats (Math)
    Assume that Science scores on a 25-point quiz for a random sample of 5 students were drawn from a normal population. The assumed variance was 20 while the recorded variances were: 18, 16, 10, 13, and 23. You suspected that the variance is actually higher. What test do you need...
  14. Science
    one year ago How many Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites are required to pinpoint your location on Earth’s surface? (1 point) 24 12 3 5 i think it's 4, but 4 is not an option
  15. algebra
    Megan's science teacher gave each student in her class a 20.0 gram sample of sedimentary rock. Each student is required to verify the rock sample by taking four mass measurements. Which measurement is the most accurate of the four recorded?
  16. Science
    Water molecules are smaller and have less mass than alcohol and oil molecules. Explain why water is more dense than alcohol and oil.
  17. Physical Science
    A girl pushes on a box of Christmas Ornaments with a mass of 12 kg and it moves an acceleration of 2m/s^2. With what force does the girl push on the box?
  18. science
    please unscramble dramalanse
  19. c programming , computer science
    1-Write a program that determines the day number (1 to 366) in a year for a date that provided as input data. As an example, January 1, 1994, is day 1. December 31, 1994, is day 365. December 31, 1996, is day 366, since 1996 is a leap year. A year is a leap year if it is ...
  20. Science
    1.how do plants grow when light comes from one side only? Why might plants respond to light this way? 2. What is a circadian rhythm? 3.What controls the change in leaves from night to day? 4.what might the plant leaves change from night to day?
  21. Science
    How do two tissue types work together to improve organ function
  22. science
    a desk is classified as a solid because it has a definite shape and volume at what???
  23. Please Answer my Question(Science)
    1. Which of the following statements about continental glacial movement is correct? Continental glaciers can only flow uphill Continental glaciers can flow in all directions. Continental glaciers can only flow downhill** Continental glaciers do not flow at all 2. A farmer uses...
  24. science
    Jennifer made 5 L of punch for her party. Her brother made another 750 mL. If they combine the two batches, how many 180 mL servings would they have? Would there be any punch left over? If so, how much?
  25. Science
  26. science
    Earth's energy sources include both nonrenewable and renewable resources. Name at least three sources of energy that could be used in your house. The describe the ideal energy source for generating most of your home's electricity, and explain why you chose that source. (only ...
  27. science
    What is the difference between specific heat and heat capacity? If you heat 500g of H2O initially at 8C in a 1000 W microwave with 80% efficiency for 2 minutes, what will the final temperature be?
  28. science
    a car travels due east on the level road for 3km it then turns due north at the intersection and travels 4km before stopping the magnitude of resultant displacement of car
  29. Science
    What is the likability of a earthquake and volcanic eruption happening in Minnesota
  30. Computer Science
    Create a program that allows a user to select one of the following four menu options: a. Enter New Integer Value b. Display Pointer Address c. Display Integer Address d. Display Integer Value For this program you will need to create two variables: one integer data type and one...
  31. Science
    if you exert the same force on two objects of different masses. which object will have the greater acceleration?
  32. science
    When a tennis ball smashes into a tennis racket, the ball temporarily changes shape as it compresses against the racket. Which type of energy is temporarily stored with the ball as it is compressed? (1 point) elastic potential kinetic electrical potential
  33. science
    Two identical masses are moving down a slope. One mass is traveling twice as fast as the other mass. How does the kinetic energy of one mass compare to the other? a. The faster object has the same kinetic energy as the slower object. b. The faster object has less kinetic ...
  34. Ms. Sue PLZ HELP!!!(science)
    A portion of the amino acid sequence of an enzyme from a worm is shown below: -Q-Q-Q-Q-N-N-N-C-C Analyze the same potion of the same enzyme taken from several other organisms. Place them in order from most closely related to the worm to most distantly related to the worm. -Q-...
  35. Science
    How does the C horizon form? Rainwater washes clay minerals from the A horizon to the C horizon Plant roots weather pieces of rock plants add organic material to the soil bedrock weathers, and breaks up into soil particles.** What makes up soil besides rock particles, minerals...
  36. Science 6 th grade
    Can you plz check this :0 True/False 1. Kilometers per hour describes the speed of an object. (1 point) true false * Multiple Choice 2. Which of the following reference points would allow you to observe the speed of a car that you are traveling in? (1 point) an airplane flying...
  37. science
    In commercial/industrial life, most AC apparatus (e.g. lifts, lights, machinery, air conditioning, motors and so on) take more from the electricity supply source than they actually need. Power Factor Correction (PFC) is an energy saving technology that is used to improve the ...
  38. science
    hey is there anybody to talk to out there like ms sue
  39. science
    What is the major difference between how water and nutrients are carried in a plant and how water and nutrients are carried in the human body?
  40. Earth Science
    the magnification of a telescope is changed by changing what? my answer is the eyepiece
  41. science
    750N diver does a triple somersault off a 10m platform. If it takes 1.5sec. to hit the water. What is the diver's power?
  42. science
    The mass of a beaker containing a sample of sodium dichromate was determined to be 68.9 g. After transferring a sample it weighed 56.424 g.Determine the mass (g) of sodium dichromate transferred to the correct number of decimal places
  43. Science
    There are 2 high and 2 low tides each day. Why do this many tides occur each day?
  44. Science
    On what sides does a "bulge" in the earth's oceans appear on the earth?
  45. Science
    How does the sun's gravitational attraction to the earth compare to that of the moon?
  46. science
    A 80 kg firefighter climbs flight of stairs 6 meter high in 10 seconds. How much work is required by the firefighter?
  47. Science
    Give an example of something that uses all third of Newton's Law.
  48. Science
    An existing cord that you use for a lamp is much thinner than an extension cord recommended for use with large appliances. if u plugged in a refrigerator using a lamp extension cord, the plastic coating of the cord could melt and perhaps start a fire. why does this occur? how ...
  49. science
    The blocks shown are released from rest with the spring unstretched. The pulley and the horizontal surface are frictionless. If k = 427.1 N/m and M = 4.5 kg, what is the maximum extension of the spring?
  50. Language Arts
    which of the following are you most likely to find in a science fiction novel such as The Giver? A. People living in a futuristic environment where rules lead them to act differently than is commonly accepted now. B. Characters from the distant past achieving great things and ...
  51. Math
    ack's science teacher gave each student in his class 15.0 grams of an unknown substance to identify. Each student was required to verify the mass of their substance by taking four measurements. Which of Zack's measurement was the most accurate of the four recorded?
  52. science
    How does the structure of epithelial tissue protect from dehydration
  53. Science
    Which of the following is a renewable source of energy? A. gasoline B. wind C. natural gas D. coal I am not fully understanding these sources and energy thing...
  54. science
    to study and change of current due to variation of resistance in an electric circuit?
  55. Science
    How does the structure of epithelial tissue function to prevent dehydration?
  56. Science
    What type of tissue do you think the wall of the villi is made from? Is it connective tissue or maybe epithelial tissue?
  57. Science
    Does the circulatory system make hormones, or merely distribute them after they are made in endocrine tissues?
  58. Science
    why might an ecologist use a food chain for one study and a food web for another study
  59. Discrete Math
    12 A computer science department has a probability of 0.35 that a senior receives a job offer in IT before graduation. Random select 8 senior students • What is the probability that 5 students received offers before graduation? • What is the probability only 1 student ...
  60. Science Plzz Help Ms sue
    explain how genetic variation and environmental pressures can lead to a change in the characteristics of a population.
  61. Science/Conversion
    Please help me with this How do I convert 10ug/mL to: 1) 100ng/ul 2) 100ng/100ul Thanks
  62. Earth Science
    What are some factors that make it difficult for geologist to learn about the Precambrian era?? Please Explain
  63. science
    A car owner pushes a car with a force of 80 N. The car does not move. Which of the following best describes the force that the car exerts on the car owner?
  64. science
    A new organism is introduced into a ecosystem. it gets its nutrients from a dead tree. can this organism be described as a scavenger or decomposer
  65. science
    Could you please check my answers? Question one: When evolution was first proposed, which of the following was used as evidence as support? A. Observations of nature. B. lab experiments. C. extensive fossil collections, D. genetic sequences. I chose answer C. Second Question: ...
  66. Science Please help Ms. Sue!!!
    Which of the following does not reduce water pollution? a) cleaning up oil and gasoline spills. b) reducing pollutants such as pesticides and fertilizers. c) increasing the use of gasoline.*** d) properly treating waste water Can you please check my answer?
  67. physical science
    A baseball diamond has 90 feet between bases. A player hits the ball and runs to 1st, 2nd and stops at 3rd base. The player's displacement is
  68. Physcial Science
    Standing on top of a tall building a student drops their physical science book. How far has the book fallen at 5 s?
  69. science
    The aquarium was sealed and placed at a bright corner. After two weeks, both the number of water plants and water snails increased. (a) Besides their gaseous needs, state one other way in which the water snail and the water plant are interdependent.
  70. Science
    Can you give me examples of palatable inorganic acids other than phosphoric acid?
  71. science
    A uniform plank of a seesaw is 5 meter long and supported at its centre.a boy weighing 40kgf sits at a distance 1.5meter from one end of the seesaw.where must a girl weighing 25kgf sit on the other end of the seesaw so as to balance the boy.
  72. computer
    17. Which of the following sources likely has the most reliable information? A. A graduate student's blog that was updated ten months ago B. A company-sponsored website with detailed citations C. A computer science textbook written by an expert in the field in the early 2000s...
  73. science
    Jenny is doing an experiment to see if students in her class like apples or oranges best. She will offer each student an apple or an orange. Then she will record how many students took each kind of fruit.What is a valid prediction Jenny could make about the results of her ...
  74. science
    HIV. B. Reed-Sternberg cells. C. Epstein-Barr virus. D. ARC
  75. science
    how many of its photons are required to ionize atomic hydrogen? Einstein quote for Lenard’s measurement of the “largest effective wavelength for air”=190 nm,, For this problem, take the energy of the ground state of the hydrogen atom to be −0.99946650834R∞hc
  76. science
    How much heat is added to 10 g of water when you start from room temperature and heat it to its boiling point?
  77. science
    When comparing the flow of lymph in the lymphatic system with the flow of blood in the circulatory system, it can be said that the lymphatic system also A. contains fluid that travels in a closed circuit. B. uses a pump. C. contains fluid that travels in only one direction. D...
  78. SCIENCE HELP! Ms.Sue
    Check my answers! In the 1930s, windmills were widely used to generate electricity on most farms in the united states. which kind of energy resource is used in windmills? A. Recyclable energy B. Nonrenewable energy C. Renewable energy**** D. Potential energy The amount of land...
  79. Computer science(Information Retrieval Architectur
    Given the following three items where w2, w4, etc. all represent different words. Compare how well the shingle process works in determining which items are near duplicates by looking at the shingles composed of 3 words versus shingles composed of 6 words. Use the rolling ...
  80. Computer science(Information Retrieval Architectur
    9. Given the following documents determine the weights for Naïve Bayesian category for document to be about “Trees”. Given the new document listed determine if it should be given the category or not. (14 points) Doc1 Oak, Plum, rose, Oak, Oak, Plum, ash, ash, ash is ...
  81. Computer science(Information Retrieval Architectur
    9. Given the following documents determine the weights for Naïve Bayesian category for document to be about “Trees”. Given the new document listed determine if it should be given the category or not. (14 points) Doc1 Oak, Plum, rose, Oak, Oak, Plum, ash, ash, ash Doc2 ...
  82. Computer science(Information Retrieval Architectur
    PATRICIA TREE: a. Create the PATRICIA Tree and Reduced PATRICIA for the following 01010101010110 to 8 levels of sistrings (level 1 is original string). b. Assuming a search term of 01010101111 calculate the number of comparisons needed for the PAT tree and the reduced PAT tree.
  83. Computer science(Information Retrieval Architectur
    Stemming: a. Compare advantages and disadvantages of Porter Stemming algorithm, Dictionary stemming algorithm and Success Variety stemming algorithm. b. Create the symbol tree for the following words (canopy, cars, cabony, cabossy, cabort, cabins, cabity, cabiry) Using ...
  84. Computer science(Information Retrieval Architectur
    A. Why are inverted files the most typical structure used for search systems? How does n-grams modify the inversion list approach? B. Discuss the similarities and differences between N-gram and PATRICIA TREE approach to indexing.
  85. Computer science(Information Retrieval Architectur
    a. Describe how the statement that “language is the largest inhibitor to good communications” applies to Information Retrieval Systems. b. Relate this to the challenges in information retrieval that make it difficult to find the information a user is looking for. c. What ...
  86. Computer science(Information Retrieval Architectur
    Consider the use of entity identification and categorization. a. What problems are they trying to solve – what are they trying to do. b. How do they affect the list of processing tokens in an item? c. How do they affect the Document Vector for the item?
  87. science
    A harmonic wave is traveling along a rope. The oscillator that generates the wave completes 49.0 vibrations in 20.8 s. A given crest of the wave travels 402 cm along the rope in a time period of 14.9 s. What is the wavelength?
  88. science help
    Explain how the hooves of the camel are adapted to move in the dessert.
  89. Science-Physics
    From what height was a brick dropped if it hit the ground with a speed of 4.3 m/s?
  90. Science
    How much force is exerted to lift 750 kg of water in the well against the force of gravity? How much work is done to lift this water .05m? How does this compart to the work done byt he man in the treadmill?
  91. physical education
    For science fair project interview from an expert: 1. How much should my time improve in 30 days running a mile? 2. Will the type of shoe I wear affect my running time? 3. How will the weather affect my time? 4. Do different track surfaces affect my time? 5 What can I do to ...
  92. Science help
    Which of the following illustrates conduction as a mode of heat transfer? a) A microwave oven produces electromagnetic waves that transfer to the food in the form of heat*** b) leaving a metal spoon in a bowl of hot soup will make the spoon hot as well c) Pasta rises and falls...
  93. Science
    Which evidence from the sea floor shows that tectonic plates move? a) the sea floor is youngest near a mid-ocean ridge and older farther away b) The sea floor is much older than the continents c) mid-ocean ridges form the longest range of mountains on earth d) The sea floor is...
  94. Please Help, I REALLY need it btw-science
    1. which of the following is not a method by which minerals form? a) crystallization b) decrystallization c) water evaporation from a solution d) cooling of magma or lava (more will be listed)
  95. Computer Science
    What are the types of errors that can be encountered in programs?
  96. computer science
    ƒnDefine a new class Coordinator that represent a faculty member who works a certain number of hours each month. In this case, the salary is computed by multiplying the working hours by the hourly payment rate. „σnCreate a new object of class Coordinator and add it to ...
  97. Science
    uppose some natural disaster occurs and a species of finch is forced to relocate from its original island where us dined on cactus flowers ti ab adjacent island with many fewer cacti but an overabundance of orchids. what would be the immediate consequences to the species in ...
  98. Science
    A gardener plants several flowering plants of the same species and notices that about 10% of the plants produce larger flowers than the others. He keeps track of the distribution of flower sizes over several years as shown in the table below. What explains these observations? ...
  99. science
    Which of the following is not a characteristic of igneous rocks? a. Igneous rocks are formed when molten rock cools and hardens. b. Igneous rocks have crystal grains. c. Igneous rocks are larger in size because the rock cooled more slowly after the hot lava came out from the ...
  100. science
    __________ rocks forms when a rock is changed by heart,pressure, or chemical reactions. a) Igneous b) Sedimentary c) Metamorphic d) Chemical i think its c
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