1. Science (PLEASE HELP)
    Match the kingdom with the correct classification scheme. Eukaryotic, unicellular or multicellular, autotrophic or heterotrophic organisms lacking tissue specilization[B] Prokaryotic, unicellular, autotrophic &/or heterotrophic, harsh enviroment, no peptidoglycan[C] Eukaryotic...
  2. science
    how does a star life form pls write it and tell me
  3. !!!!!SCIENCE HELP!!!!!
    4. Explain the data you will want to collect on your mission, and list the instruments you’ll need so that you can collect and store samples while on your mission. Describe how any collected data will be used when you return from your mission. (3 points) My planet I chose to...
  4. Life science
  5. Science
    Use the image to answer question 25. What is happening in the diagram? (5 points) It is a picture with a boat sailing on the water with sound waves going down to an old and sunken ship but the waves then go back up to the boat in a different angle. I don't really understand ...
  7. science
    How does temperature affect the rate of a reaction? I have to create a hypothesis and just put the definition as well, but I want a short simple answer to it. Please and thank you.
  8. Science
    explain why narrow leaves still do their job well?
  9. Science
    1. The south pole of a magnet is held 2 inches from the north pole of a second magnet, and the force between them is measured. If the magnets are moved to 4 inches apart, the force will __________. A. not change B. be doubled C. be halved D. be quartered E. none of the above 2...
  10. Science
    When the temperature equals the dew point water vapor condenses back into water what is the relative humidity when this occurs
  11. Science
    How many molecules of sulphuric acid are needed to neutralize 5 ml of sodium carbonate and 5 volumes of tetra ox's sulphate(VI)acid when calcium is heated at a temperature of 20 degrees using nickel as a catalyst?
  12. science plzzz help
    Draw pictures and use words to describe the relationship of the atoms shown by: CH4(g) + 2O2(g) → CO2(g) + 2H2O(g)
  13. physical science
    Light whose waves all have the same wavelength, direction, and coincidental peaks is called A) coherent light B) incandescent light C) fluorescent light D) neon light I'm not sure but I think maybe B? Please help me thanks so much.
  14. physical science
    Photons travel outward from a light bulb in A) curved paths B) increasing intensity C) a small, dense area D) all directions Please help I think its A?
  15. science
    which kind of energy transformation occurs during skydiving. plz i need answer
  16. energy-Science-please check
    Malcolm's class has been assigned a project in which it is to build a four-wheeled vehicle to transport a can of soda across the classroom. The car will be powered by stretching rubber bands around an axle before releasing the vehicle on the floor. The vehicle will be powered ...
  17. Science
    What are leaf veins for
  18. computer science / app development?
    If anyone here is familiar with AppInventor.... 0 down vote favorite I have a database of events in AppInventor containing information such as location, description, and tags. I want to include a search by location screen of an app where the user clicks the button, and the app...
  19. science chemistry
    Calculate the value of Avogadro's no if density is =2.165g/cm3 find distance bw Na+and Cl_ in NaCl =281pm
  20. Environmental Science
    What is the greatest threat to air quality? What are 5 sources of outdoor air pollution (natural or anthropomorphic)
  21. science
    does 2-napthol soluble in sodium hydroxide? in water? in sodium bicarbonate?
  22. science
    does p-chlorophenol soluble in sodium bicarbonate?
  23. Science
    The waste products of anaerobic respiration contain large amounts of unprocessed energy, causing the amount of usable energy to be lower for aerobic respiration than anaerobic respiration the amount of usable energy to be higher for anaerobic respiration than aerobic ...
  24. Science
    Glucose and oxygen are the ________ in aerobic cellular respiration. products ** byproducts reactants catalysts
  25. Science
    Anaerobic respiration is also known as photosynthesis fermentation ** breathing aerobic respiration
  26. Science
    The mitochondrion is the place in the cell where the DNA is copied cellular respiration takes place photosynthesis takes place ** energy is converted to waste
  27. Science
    Why are leaves able to get water in and sugar out
  28. math
    Ivan finished es025-1.jpg of his math homework problems and all 3 questions for his science homework before dinner. If he finished a total of 43 problems before dinner, what is the total number of math homework problems he was assigned?
  29. Earth science
    If a sample contains 50g of carbon 14 and 50g of nitrogen 14 , how many lives has it undergone ?
  30. Earth science
    If a sample contains 50g of carbon 14 and 50g of nitrogen 14 , how many lives has it undergone ?
  31. Science
    How does NASA's guest blogger support her claim that there are role models for communicating scientific information? (A) She names her own personal favorite resources for scientific information. (B) She lists several sources of scientific information that most people seem to ...
  32. Math, Science
    Can anyone please help me with answering this question? : Explain how displacement vectors would be used in the navigation of ships or planes
  33. science
    Multiple Choice 1. Which of Earth's spheres contains mountains, valleys, and other landscapes? (1 point) atmosphere biosphere geosphere hydrosphere 2. Which of the following are examples of destructive forces? (1 point) ice wind both ice and wind neither ice nor wind 3. Earth ...
  34. Science
    What happens at the root tip?
  35. Science
    How are xylem and phloem tissue 1) The same? 2) Different
  36. Science
    Explain how xykem tubes help support a plant.
  37. Science
    Can someone explain to me why mitosis and meiosis is referred to as a process of cell reproduction?? I’m just curious, and help/information would be accepted! Thanks in advance..
  38. Science
    HCl with Cu ,net ionic equation
  39. science
    11. Create a scale for your model thermometer. Divide the distance between the two marks into 5-mm intervals. Starting with the lowest point, label the intervals on the straw 0, 1, 2, 3, and so on. Describe your scale below. You must have made marks at two different known ...
  40. Science Help!!!
    Explain why the outer planets did not lose the lighter gases in their atmospheres? Can someone help me please??
  41. science
    A sound source of frequency 170Hz is placed near a wall. A man walking from the source towards the wall. Find that there is a periodic rise and fall of sound intensity?
  42. science
    Calculate the density of the wood?
  43. Science
    If a bird at sea level requires a speed of 30 mph to have enough lift to fly, how fast must it fly for the same lift at 20,000 ft?
  44. science
    Which motion causes night and day on Earth? A. the Sun’s motion around its axis B. Earth’s motion around its axis*** C. Earth’s motion around the Sun D. the Moon’s motion around Earth I think the answer is B, but am I correct?
  45. Science
    What is a transport system in plants
  46. science
    a 3300 mf capacitor recquired to store 0.5mj of the energy.find the potential difference to which the capacitor must be charged?
  47. Science
    0.005 mol of non-electrolyte was dissolved in 50g of benzene. Calculate depression of a freezing point of this solution
  48. Science
    How are models limited by our patterns of thought?
  49. science
    I need help can someone help me with energy I am horrible at it I have a test coming up and I need to do good. Plz if you can give me info on as many energy forms there are. I don't get energy.
  50. Science
    how does energy transfer from a food chain to an energy pyramid? Please help Im really confused and have no idea what I would do.
  51. science
    imagine an unlit candle what type of energy is represented here? thermal chemical potential mechanical electromatic I think it is thermal am i right if not explain plz
  52. science
    which igneous rock is mixed with soil and used for starting vegetable seeds
  53. Science
    Plants need bacteria in order to take up and use which element? 1)carbon 2)oxygen 3)nitrogen 4)hydrogen I think #3 Thanks for checking my answer
  54. Science
    What motion causes thermal energy?
  55. science
    a 400 kg block of iron is heated from 295 k to 325 k. how much heat is absorbed by the iron? ( the specific heat is 450 j. /kg. k)
  56. Science
    In many plants, leaves and flowers are held above the ground by the stem . Suggest a reason for this.
  57. science
    sally and lisa have identical compact cars sally drives on the freeway with a great speed than lisa. which car has more kinetic energy
  58. Science
    The device shown below contains 2 kg of water. When the cylinder is allowed to fall 250 m, the temperature of the water increases by 1.4°C. Suppose 2 kg of water are added to the container and the cylinder is allowed to fall 750 m. What would the increase in temperature be in...
  59. Grade 12 Calculus
    A science project studying catapults sent a projectile into the air with an initial velocity of 24.5 m/s. The formula for distance (s) in meters with respect to time in seconds is s = -4.9t2 + 24.5t. a)Find the time that this projectile would appear to have the maximum ...
  60. science
    1. all of the life functions are carried out by cells in a living organisms in order to A. Perform Synthesis B. Maintain Homeostasis C. Keep an Internal steady state D. Both c and d 2. If an -------------------- were digested the product would be ----------------- . A. ...
  61. Science
    Using the periodic table and your knowledge of atomic structure. cobalt (Co) and nickel (Ni) have almost identical atomic mass numbers. Comparing the a typical nickel and cobalt atoms, which statement best describes the atoms? A) Nickel has one more neutron. B) Cobalt has one ...
  62. science health
    Insulin-dependent (type 1) diabetes A) is associated with a deficiency of pancreatic β-cells. B) is associated with a deficiency of insulin receptors. C) is associated with a deficiency of signal transduction D) can be treated with injections of leptin. E) can be treated with...
  63. Science
    If you scratch a penny with an steel file, will the copper of the penny rub off on the file, or the steel (iron) of the file rub off on the penny? 12. What can we determine from the above experiment about the relative hardness of copper and steel. 13. What is the hardest ...
  64. Science
    minimum temperature required to dissolve 40g NaCl in 100g water thanks a ton
  65. Science
    100ml of 1.0 m KOH solution will neutralize 100 ml of 1.0 M H2SO4 solution Thank you!
  66. Science
    A mixture of 10.0g of Ne and 10.0g of Ar was kept in a 1.00 L container at 765 torr. Calculate partial pressure of Ar inside container A) 508 torr B) 257 torr C) 614 torr D) 125 torr
  67. Science
    Which is greater, the mass of the compounds before a chemical reaction or the mass of the compounds after a chemical reaction? The mass of the compounds before is greater. The mass of the compounds after is greater. The masses before and after are equal. ** It depends on the ...
  68. Science
    All of the following are indicators of a chemical change except: heat production color change phase change ** bubbling or fizzing A lot of people are saying color change, however in my lesson it says a chemical change has indicators like: Color change Bubbling or fizzing Light...
  69. Science
    All of the following require breaking and forming chemical bonds except: freezing ice ** a plant decaying a piece of silver tarnishing roasting a marshmallow
  70. science
    over millions of years, of time and islands vegetation shifts. the seed producing plants that dominated the early origins of the island die out in favor of new species of plants that do not produce seeds but provide a good habitat for insects. how is this change likely to ...
  71. science
    A scientist is studying a chemical reaction. She predicts that after the reaction the product will have less chemical potential energy than the reactants had originally. The scientist observes the reaction, and notes that no light or sound is produced. However, other ...
  72. Science
    The Air temperature is -2 degrees Celsius (28 degrees Fahrenheit) . Which statement correctly describes what happens to snow at this temperature? A. Snow Starts to melt. B. Snow remains frozen C. Snow changes to steam D. Snow melts and then freezes again Another question: Do ...
  73. science
    which energy transformation takes when a firecracker explodes. plz, help I don't want answers I want help plz.
  74. Science Question Help!!
    Why is photosynthesis an example of a chemical reaction, and why is it classified as endothermic. Can someone help me with this please!!
  75. Science Help!!!
    Sodium chloride is formed when the mental sodium bonds to the nonmetal chlorine. The atoms are held together by a *Blank* Atomic Number Product Isotope Ionic Bond Proton Atomic Mass Atomic Theory I would say Ionic bond is that right?
  76. Science
    Lesson 4: Behavior Science 7 B Unit 2: Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems 1. Which type of behavior is illustrated in the following series of images? 2. Which of the following helps ensure a groups access to resources it needs for survival? 3. Which of the following is...
  77. science
    In which way does quartz break? A. cleavage B. fracture **** C. luster D. flat planes
  78. science
    ead the scenario. A car travels 25 m/s forward for 10 s. Which option accurately identifies the measurements within the scenario that are vector quantities and describes why? The measurement 25 m/s is the only vector quantity because it is a measurement of speed. The ...
  79. science
    Which of the following characteristics are true for both plants' and animals' reproduction? A. alternation of generation B. They carry hereditary material from parent. C. characterized by sexual reproduction D. The offspring looks identical to its parents. C?
  80. Environmental Science
    Nuclear fission ____ atoms to create energy A. Heats B. Corrodes C. Splits D. Combines A machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy is called a _____ A. Generator B. Solar Panel C. Windmill D. Motor Nuclear power plants use the radioactive element _____ to ...
  81. Environmental Science
    Generators convert energy physical energy into _____ A. Sound waves B. Electrical energy-- C. Batteries D. Motors
  82. Environmental Science
    Generators convert physical energy into ____ A. sound waves B. Electrical energy -- C. Batteries D. Motors
  83. Science
    Which of the following factors is used to distinguish the two main aquatic biomes? 1)number of producers 2)strength of water currents 3)quality of dissolved oxygen 4)salt levels I think #4 Thank you.
  84. science
    Examine the scenario. A child starts at a position of 2 m east of his house. He moves 1 m south, 5 m west, and then 1 m north. What is his displacement for this trip? 3 m west 5 m west 1 m north 7 m A?
  85. Geometry and using Pi
    How big was the Flying Saucer? In the 1951 science fiction movie classic The Thing from Another World, a group of scientists and soldiers discover a recently crashed alien spaceship buried under a few feet of ice near the North Pole. The party spreads out to determine the size...
  86. science
    What is a measurement that includes both a magnitude and a direction known as? vector quantity magnitude scalar quantity volume A?
  87. science
    A lizard accelerates from 2m/s to 10m/s in 4 seconds. What is the lizard's average velocity?
  88. Science
    Practical of Newton's second law Of the platinum book of grade 11 page 30
  89. science
    A uniform meter rule is balance at 30cm mark when of 50grams is hanging from its zero cm mark.calculate the weight of the rule?
  90. science
    Which options accurately identify an issue that could arise if no ethical guidelines were in place to guide the way research studies are presented to the public? (Select all that apply) Scientists could refuse to publish results they do not like. The publishers of journals ...
  91. science
    Which options accurately identify an issue that could arise if no ethical guidelines were in place to guide the way research studies are presented to the public? (Select all that apply) Scientists could refuse to publish results they do not like. The publishers of journals ...
  92. science
    In order to present information to a technical audience, what should a scientist do? avoid technical jargon use interesting metaphors be as wordy as possible in conveying ideas use a highly structured format D?
  93. science
    Which options accurately identify a characteristic that describes scientific journals? (Select all that apply) peer reviewed found mainly in university libraries published on a regular basis generally given out for free to any interested person A,B?
  94. science
    Which options accurately identify a reason why it could be beneficial for the government to regulate scientific research and the distribution of information? (Select all that apply) The government could minimize fraudulent practices. The government could ensure research is ...
  95. Science
    A uniform half metre rule is balanced horizontally across a knife edge placed 20cm from A. A mass of 22.5g is hung from end A. 1. What is the mass of the rule 2. What is the force exerted on the rule by the knife edge?
  96. science
    hello i need help Problem How could renewable energy sources be used in a house? Devise a Plan 1. Consider what you learned about renewable energy sources. Use what you learned to design a house that operates entirely on renewable energy sources. Focus on three major needs: (1...
  97. science
    After reading the article “The Land Blew Away,” reflect back on the accounts of the people who witnessed the Dust Bowl. Write a paragraph in reaction to the survivors’ stories as well as your thoughts on what it might have been like to experience a dust storm. As you ...
  98. Materials Science and Engineering
    We know from literature that a certain material “A” exhibits an electrical conductivity of σ=100 S/cm at room temperature. However, we would like to confirm this value by performing electrical conductivity measurements in our labs. To perform these experiments we obtain a...
  99. Science
    Which step in the nitrogen cycle is accelerated at the beginning of the eutrophication process? 1)denitrification 2)nitrogen fixation 3)producer uptake of nitrogen 4)consumer decomposition I think #3 Thank you.
  100. Science
    Earths History unit test 8th grade Under which of the following conditions would a fossil most likely form?
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