1. Science
    *Note that I most likely will have more questions throughout the day An object that moved as a result of a machine working is called the_______. effort load*** output mass A knife is an example of a(n) _______. inclined plane wedge***** (?) lever pulley //[remove]...
  2. Math & science
    Clear glass is to be recovered from a stream of mixed glass materials using a binary separator. The mixed glass stream contains 65% clear glass and will have a feed rate of 100 kg/hour. One manufacturer A has a separator that is has an overall efficiency of 80% and a recovery ...
  3. Science
    a black car and a white car are sitting in the Sun, why does the black car get hotter
  4. science
    Find the acceleration of the masses shown in Figure, given that m1 = 1.0 kg, m2 = 2.0 kg, and m3 = 3.0 kg. Assume the table is frictionless and the masses move freely.
  5. Science
    An immense body of air characterized by similar properties at any given altitude is known as a(n) _____.
  6. Science
    Which formula is used to calculate acceleration? Time divided by change in speed Time x change in speed Change in speed divided by time Change in speed x time Help ? Thanks, Anonymous
  7. Science
    //[remove]prntscr.[remove]com/[remove]j4​jmwi (PICTURE IS IN SCREENSHOT)  Which statement is correct? Land animals are quicker than animals that fly Insects can not move as quickly as land animals Some birds can move more quickly than some land animals*** All birds can ...
  8. Science
    A geologist measured the amount of 40K in a rock; she determined that there was about 10 grams of 40K and 10 grams of 40Ar. What would be the approximate age of that rock?
  9. Science
    How Is a compound different from a mixture? it is made of one substance It cannot be made of organic materials It cannot be broken down It cannot be separated by a physical change I don't know  This formula shows the chemical reaction that occurs when the body breaks down ...
  10. Math & science
    An electric iron takes 13s when connected to a.c mains. find the cost of using the electric iron for 3 days at N 10.00 perkwh
  11. Science
    Which of the following are the basic building blocks of life 1.) cells 2.)lungs 3.)organs 4.)tissues thx BEHEHEHE
  12. Physics
    In Pittsburgh, children bring their old jack-o-lanterns to the top of the Carnegie Science Center for the annual Pumpkin Smash and compete for accuracy in hitting a target on the ground. Suppose that the building is 23m high and that the bulls-eye is a horizontal distance of 4...
  13. science
    I need help with a paper about volcanos can someone help (I looked it up cant find much) Thanks: A+
  14. Science help
    DESCRIBE some uses of satellites orbiting Earth. I need help! Will you help me?
  15. science
    can somebody explain to me whats the difference between physical and chemical properties of a substance?
  16. Science
    My teacher wants me to write a 7 paragraph essay on Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems. I don't fully understand the topic, though I studied my textbook for about 45 minutes to and hour. I was wondering if you guys could help me. Thanks! ^-^
  17. science
    How can volcanic eruptions change the surface of the earth? A. by lowering land levels several feet B. by creating new islands and land C. by creating large deposits of coal D. by decreasing the level of the ocean i think its B
  18. Science
    What are some examples of Environmental Invaders?
  19. Science
    what is the ph range of red cabbage
  20. science
    Electromagnetic and mechanical waves have different characteristics that make them advantageous for certain applications. Select the reasons that mechanical waves, such as ultrasound, are used for soft tissue imaging and to identify fractures in metals. I) mechanical waves are...
  21. Science
    Why does evolution matters today if it takes millions of years for an organism to change and adapt? Also, does it have to do with genetic variation?
  22. science
    Write the chemical formula for cornstarch + heat = Dextrin + water. I know that the formula for cornstarch is C27H48O20 The formula for Dextrin is C6H10O5. I also have to balance the equation
  23. Science
    Plz help me plot on graph and also the solution. Q. When velocity is 20 m/s time is 0 and velocity 20 m/s time is 5 sec, velocity 10 m/sec time 7 sec, velocity 20 m/sec time 10 sec and velocity 0 time 15 sec. Calculate total distance showing each step and avg velocity. Thank you.
  24. Science
    I'm something really important for without me you cannot enjoy slumber and stay stranded wherever you are. It's easy to find me if you know the hottest place of your parents' abode.
  25. Science
    1.How much heat is absorbed by a 63g iron skillet when its temperature rises from 12oC to 30oC? 2.How much heat is needed to raise the temperature of 5g of water by 15oC?
  26. Science
    A label on a 500ml Dettol bottle,indicated chloroxylenol is 4.8g/100ml.his many molecules of chloroxylenol are in 25cm3of dettol?
  27. Science
    For a particular plant, leaf texture is either fuzzy or smooth. A homozygous fuzzy plant is crossed with a homozygous smooth plant. All offsprings are smooth. Which sentence best describes the alleles for this trait? A. Fuzzy is dominant over smooth B. Smooth is dominant over ...
  28. Science PLEASE HELP ASAP
    Why is photosynthesis an example of a chemical reaction, and why is it classified as endothermic?
  29. Science
    Why is Mercury a hazard in the environment?
  30. Science
    Briefly describe Pretreatment, Primary Treatment and Secondary Treatment for municipal wastewater.
  31. Science
    Describe 3 air pollutants and the troposphere to include the effects of the pollutants on the environment.
  32. Science
    Describe 2 events in human history and in what way the events allowed human populations to grow and thrive.
  33. Science
    For my science experiment, I am testing 3 people's typing speeds with 5 different instruments each. How do I find the best instrument that they improved on the most, even though each person has a different instrument that they improved on the most?
  34. science
    The concentration of H2SO4 in a bottle labelled "concentrated sulphuric acid" is 18M what does it mean
  35. science
    How much energy is required to lift a 40.00 kg bag of sand 1.02 m
  36. Science until 7 I Need help
    An organisms genotype is It physical appearance It combination of alleles The mutation it inherits The crossing over that occurs during meiosis.
  37. Science
    Two closed vessel A and B of equal volume containing air at pressure P1 and temperature T1 are connected to each other through a narrow open tube.If the temperature of one is now maintained(where T1>T2) then that what will be the final pressure of air
  38. science
    A pendulum has 454 J of potential energy at the highest point of its swing. How much kinetic energy will it have at the bottom of its swing?
  39. Science
    How many elements are therein FENO3
  40. science
    what is a common by-product of fuel production ? Is it Co2 or O2?
  41. science
    the process of changing free nitrogen into a usable form of nitrogen is called
  42. Science
    How is an action potential propagated?
  43. Science
    What stops depolarization?
  44. Science
    What type of window would allow the most amount of light to come in?
  45. Science
    calculate the boiling point of 25.5g of C7H11NO7S in 1.00x100g H20
  46. Science
    (just a quick science question, pls correct my answer if im wrong..) Which of the following statements is true A.) there is more water on earth now than there was millions of years ago **** B.) there is less water on earth now than there was millions of years ago C.) there is ...
  47. English
    1. I go to academy for my English. 2. I go to an academy to learn English. 3. I go to an English academy after school. 4. I go to English academy to learn English. 5. I go to a private institute to learn three subjects such as English, math and science. 6. I go to private ...
  48. science
    where does the Housatonic river in Connecticut originate and what is its base level?
  49. Science Help!!!
    Some constellations such as Ursa Minor, are visible in the sky year round other constellations appear for only part of the year.Explain why this happens. Can someone explain please??
  50. Science
    Do all pulleys change the amount of force needed to move an object? Justify your answer Explain how a pulley changes the amount of force needed to lift an object.
  51. Science
    gradually taking over farmland over a long period of time is known as commodities True or false?
  52. Science!!!
    1. Why can certain stars sometimes be identified as eclipsing binary stars? A. They are brighter than any single star B. They are all white dwarfs C. They become dimmer at regular intervals D. They are cool red stars
  53. Science
    I need help 27) Chordates (not a primate) Explain how body plan and anatomy enables chordate to perform the essential functions it needs to survive. Explain how your chosen chordate fits into the cladogram of chordates. 31) Primate Explain how body plan and anatomy enables ...
  54. Science
    what force makes it less likely for a person to fall while wearing tennis shoes versus a person wearing flip flops on a rainy day? A.gravity B.friction C.inertia D.momentum***
  55. Science
    The molecular formula of first member of a certain group of organic compounds is CH2O(HCHO).Determine the name & molecular formula of third member of this group if it is in homologous series. What is the general name for this group of organic compounds?
  56. Science
    Al2O3 + 2NaOH = 2NaAlO2 +H2O What is the conclusion that you take about nature of aluminum oxide with help of equation.Give reasons for conclusions?
  57. Science
    The living component of xylem tissue? A. Xylem parenchyma B. Xylem tracheid C. Xylem vessel D. Xylem fibre
  58. science
    experiment to demonstrate that expired air contains carbondioxide
  59. Materials Science and Engineering
    In the figure below, Intrinsic carrier concentration is given as a function of temperature for Ge and Si. By using the data in this figure calculate the band gap of these materials. For both materials find the energy difference between the Fermi Energy Level and the ...
  60. Computer science
    In C++ you will be making a program that can take command like args. Using command line arguments, allow the program to do the following If the command is -i, print: Integer, and then print the integer after it. If the command is -f print: float, and then print the float after...
  61. Science
    What are the steps of evolution of star and sun like star? What's difference
  62. Science
    Silicon is widely than germanium.why? Give scientific reason
  63. Materials Science
    In the company you work as an engineer, you are assigned to determine the electrical conductivity of a new intrinsic semi-conductive material at temperatures of 20 and 100 °C and the band gap (Eg). So you cut out this material in the form of a rectangular prism with a length ...
  64. Science
    Which is the earliest form of human fossil? A.neanderthel man B.homo habilies C.dryopithecus
  65. Science
    explain why the speed and direction of sugar solution moving in the phloem tubes
  66. Materials Science
    What is the drift velocity of electrons in Si under room temperature and 500 V/m electric field, as we know that the electron mobility of Si is 0.14 m^2 / V.s at room temperature? Under these conditions, how long can an electron pass a Si crystal of 25 mm from beginning to end?
  67. Science
    Was the term 'water closet' from John Harington, who invented the toilet long ago? Water closet seems to mean either the toilet or a room with the toilet. Then the water closet which John Harington invented was a toilet bowl, its seat and water tank in the beginning, right? ...
  68. science
    Calculat the weight of KMnO4 in GMs necessary to prepare 250ml of N/10 KMnO4 solution
  69. Science
    How are the respiratory and circulatory and respiratory systems similar? A) Both systems provide glucose and other substances to cells. B) Both systems regulate blood flow throughout the body. C) Both systems help remove carbon dioxide from the body. D) Both systems send ...
  70. Science
    An organism that eats leaves, grass, algae, or seaweed would be considered a producer tertiary consumer primary consumer ** decomposer
  71. Science
    What is true of energy as is passes through an ecosystem? All of the energy in an organism is used by the animal that eats it. Any stored energy in an organism is used by the animal that eats it. About 50 percent of the energy in an organism is used by the animal that eats it...
  72. Science
    How do the products and reactants of a chemical change compare? The mass of the products is greater than the mass of the reactants because energy is absorbed by the reaction. The mass of the products equals the mass of the reactants because energy is not absorbed or given off ...
  73. Material science
    Gaseous hydrogen at a constant pressure of 0.658 MPa is to flow within the inside of a thin-walled cylindrical tube of nickel that has a radius of 0.125 m. The temperature of the tube is to be 350°C and the pressure of hydrogen outside of the tube will be maintained at 0.0127...
  74. Science
    Which of the following is a change from a more condensed to a less condensed state of matter? Freezing Condensing Evaporating ** Solidifying
  75. Science
    A chemical or physical change that takes in heat from its surroundings is an exothermic process an explosion ** an endothermic process a phase change
  76. Science
    When ice melts, how does the liquid water compare to the ice? The liquid has a greater mass and greater volume than the ice. The liquid has less mass and less volume than the ice. The liquid has less mass but the same volume as the ice. The liquid has the same mass but less ...
  77. Science
    Which of the following is not a property of a metal? Luster Malleability Permeability Ductility
  78. Science
    If a neutral atom has a mass of 12 amu and an atomic number of 5, what is the number of protons, neutrons, and electrons in the atom?
  79. Science~Energy
    which of the following is not a renewable resource? oil petroleum* corn gasoline
  80. Science
    Is the mariana trench part a biome or is a biome?
  81. science
    Explain how sonar radars work in boats
  82. Science (Someone please check my answers)
    I've been waiting all day so can someone please check my answers. Key: *** means my answer 1. If the net force on an object is 0 N, the forces are considered unbalanced. (1 Point) True False*** 2. Most people in the United States use feet and miles to measure distance in their...
  83. Science
    Some amount of water is evaporated from a 2.0 L, 0.2 M NaI solution, to from a 1.0 L solution. The molar mass of NaI is 150 g/mol. What is the final concentration of NaI solution in? A. 30 g/L B. 15 g/L C. 60 g/L D. 45 g/L
  84. Science
    We think of our muscular system as the system that helps us move around. It also functions on an internal level by helping food movement in the ___________ and ____________, both parts of the digestive system. A) stomach; liver B) stomach; pancreas C) stomach; gall bladder D) ...
  85. Science
    Which is the SIMPLEST level of organization in a human being? A) cells B) organs C) tissues D) organ systems C?
  86. Science
    A species of rabbit lives in a meadow where grass plants are readily available during summer months. The rabbits do not stray far from the meadow because the plants supply food and protection from predators. One summer, a fire destroys the plants in the meadow. As a result of ...
  87. Science
    In rabbits, B represents the allele for black coat and b represents the allele for white coat. Black is dominant over white. If a rabbit has the genotype Bb, what is the rabbit's phenotype? A) gray B) black C) white D) BB X bb d?
  88. Science
    In the chart, the organism Rr represents a genetically _____________ individual. A) heterozygous B) homogeneous C) homozygous D) retrozygous a or c?
  89. Science
    A particular bird species found in North America obtains most of its food energy by catching and eating insects. A mutation arises in this bird population that increases the length of its beak. Although many mutations are harmful, this particular mutation has increased the ...
  90. science
    How is heat transferred throughout the globe?
  91. Science
    Which of these would increase the rate of photosynthesis and lead to the production of more glucose? A) increase in available sunlight and available carbon dioxide B) decrease in available sunlight and available carbon dioxide C) increase in available sunlight and decrease in ...
  92. science
    How does radiation from the Sun affect Earth’s atmosphere?
  93. Science
    Which is the harmful green house gas?Carbon monoxide or Carbon dioxide
  94. Science
    The inheritance of genetic traits from parents to children follows predictable rules. Knowing that each parent contributes genes equally to each child, what determines an inherited trait such as eye color? A) Only the interaction between dominant genes. B) Only the interaction...
  95. Science
    Why the base of the spark plug of petrol engine is made of ceramics,give scientific reason??
  96. Science
    In the new six kingdom system of classification, the six kingdoms may be grouped into three domains. The four kingdoms that are grouped in the domain Eukarya all contain organisms A) are consumers. B) are multicellular. C) that have cell walls made of cellulose. D) composed ...
  97. Science
    A farmer had an accident and spilled a chemical into his pond. Several days later, he notices many dead frogs around the pond. That summer, the number of gnats around the pond was higher than ever. This is because A) the chemical is good for the gnats. B) the frogs are a ...
  98. Science
    explain why the upper skin of a leaf is transparent
  99. science
    Which sources could be used to operate the car? How could each source be used? plz need answer
  100. Science (PLEASE HELP)
    Match the kingdom with the correct classification scheme. Eukaryotic, unicellular or multicellular, autotrophic or heterotrophic organisms lacking tissue specilization[B] Prokaryotic, unicellular, autotrophic &/or heterotrophic, harsh enviroment, no peptidoglycan[C] Eukaryotic...
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