1. Science
    how does the anthropogenic greenhouse harm living organisms.
  2. science
    how does the natural greenhouse effect supports life on Earth.
  3. science
    Please someone answer this question for me .If you want to work in the lab what were you trying to demonstrate............... Thanks
  4. Math, science
    Discuss the different types of energies possessed by a flowing liquid .derive an expression for the title energy per unit mass of a flowing liquid.
  5. science
    1) Identify the systems of your body, and explain how these systems work together. 2) Describe the flow of blood to the human body, including through each of the four
  6. science
    The driver of a 1.00X103 kg car traveling on the interstate at 35.0 m/s slams on his brakes to avoid hitting a second vehicle in front of him, which had come to rest because of congestion ahead. After the brakes are applied, a constant friction force of 8.00X103 N acts on the ...
  7. science
    1.Why is antibiotic resistance a problem? 2.What are possible causes of antibiotic resistance? 3.What are ways that scientists have proposed to deal with the problem? 4.What are ways that ordinary people can help to keep antibiotic resistance from getting worse? 5.Express your...
  8. Science
    This is just a general question.. Why do you think it is beneficial to average class data instead of drawing conclusions from only data that your group collected?
  9. science
    Examine the scenario. A child starts at a position of 2 m east of his house. He moves 1 m south, 5 m west, and then 1 m north. What is his displacement for this trip? 5 m west 1 m north 3 m west 7 m A?
  10. Math
    A survey of 63 customers was taken at a bookstore regarding the types of books purchased. The survey found that 39 customers purchased mysteries​, 29 purchased science fiction​, 23 purchased romance novels​, 16 purchased mysteries and science fiction​, 13 purchased ...
  11. Science
    Can I use a=qE/m to work this out? Since f=ma and f=qE
  12. science
    What is a relative change between two quantities known as? rate of change sum quotient percentage A? Read the scenario. A lizard is at an initial position of 2 m and walks to a position of 10 m in 4 s. What is the lizard’s average velocity? 2 m/s 2.5 m/s -3 m/s 3 m/s A?
  13. Science
    A strong electric field is? a.directed toward a charge*** b.directed away from a charge. c.caused by a large quantity of charge. d.caused by a small quantity of charge.
  14. Science
    Which of the following statements is a consequence of the equation E = mc2? A) Energy is released when matter is destroyed. B) The law of conservation of energy must be modified to state that mass and energy are conserved in any process. C) Mass and energy are equivalent. D) ...
  15. Science
    I'm stuck on this: The buoyant force acting on a submerged object is equal to: A. The objects mass B. The objects volume C. The mass of the fluid displaced by the object D. The weight of the fluid displaced by the object... If I had to guess I would go with A or B
  16. Science
    Why does the moon lack an atmosphere? How does a black hole form?
  17. science
    two people are pushing a couch in the same direction one person pushes with a force of 2n the other person pushes with a force of 4n
  18. science
    if the time interval between lighting and thunder is 2 seconds.What is the point of lighting if the speed of sound in air is 346m/s?
  19. Help
    Can someone please help me with my previously posted science lab?
  20. Science
    So I need help with a lab, I'm not looking for answers, I want to know if my answers make sense, so this is the pre lab introduction: In a series circuit, electrons travel along a single pathway. The movement of the electrons through the circuit produces current. In a simple ...
  21. Science
    Sunlight, wind, and running water are essentially “free.” Yet renewable energy sources are a very small part of our energy consumption. Why is this? Explain.
  22. Science
    What is a primary energy source? Explain how it differs from a secondary source.
  23. science
    Does sound go through a wooden block?
  24. science
    What materials will trap heat in the greenhouse and prevent it from escaping?
  25. Science
    What're some examples of wind energy?
  26. Science
    the 3 Rs stand for: reduce reuse and replicate recycle******* redo regulate
  27. science
    water turns into _____ _____ _____ _____ is a gas.
  28. Science
    Experiment. To show that expired air contains carbon dioxide
  29. Science
    What is the difference between abiotic and biotic factors? tank you peoples. yes tank you tank peoples peoples
  30. science
    1. Jane, looking for Tarzan, is running at top speed (4.9m/s) and grabs a vine hanging vertically from a tall tree in the jungle. How high can she swing upward? 2. In the high jump, Frank's kinetic energy is transformed into gravitational potential energy without the aid of a ...
  31. Social Science
    A Manifesto for Creativity. I have an assessment on creating a manifesto that enhance creativity in workplace and I'm really out of idea. The assessment details include - how can creativity best be encouraged within workplace -what can you do as a future leader to ensure that ...
  32. Science
    1. What stretches over most of the Arabian Peninsula ? a. Fertile farmland b.forest c. Desert d. Lakes 2. Camels were used by Bedouin’s because they require very little a. Food b. Water c. Sunlight d. Sleep 3. A search of waterfront in the desert is called a. A water fall b...
  33. science
    is water renewable
  34. Science
    According to newtons third law of motion is a rolling boil collage with a wall and exerts a force of three noon on that wall how much force touch the wall exert back on the ball
  35. science
    What plants grow in mountains??
  36. science
    what materials could have been found in the giant gas cloud that formed the solar system A hydrogen and helium B hydrogen and oxygen C carbon dioxide and oxygen D liquid and solid water
  37. Science
    Which of the following Best describes the movement of an object at rest if no outside forces act on it. It will move due to inertia. Gravity will eventually cause it to move. It will stay at rest due to inertia~~~~~~~ It will stay at rest due to gravity.
  38. math
    1.The sample space for a roll of two number cubes is shown in the table. (1,1)|(1,2)|(1,3)|(1,4)|(1,5),(1,6) (2,1)|(2,2)|(2,3)|(2,4)|(2,5)|(2,6) (3,1)|(3,2)|(3,3)|(3,4)|(3,5)|(3,6) (4,1)|(4,2)|(4,3)|(4,4)|(4,5)|(4,6) (5,1)|(5,2)|(5,3)|(5,4)|(5,5)|(5,6) (6,1)|(6,2)|(6,3)|(6,5...
  39. Science
    A load of 30N is raised 2m when an effort of 10N moves 8m calculate the velocity ratio and efficiency of a machine
  40. Science
    Please help me with these questions from the Science 6: Forces and Motions Unit Test. My answer-****** 1. Which of the following best describes the movement of an object at rest if no outside forces act on it? (1 point) It will move due to inertia. Gravity will eventually ...
  41. Science (CHEM)
    State T/F 1.Gases are rigid while solids and liquids are fluids 2. Solids have definite shape but no fixed volume
  42. science/math
    Jane runs a track race at 7.0m/s for 40 seconds using a force of 140N. How much work has she done? (remember s=d/t)
  43. Science
    Are BEVs or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles a more promising transportation technology for the future? Should car companies be required to produce electric cars?
  44. Science
    How much heat is lost when 30 grams of water condenses at 100C? Celsius
  45. Science
    Electric charges that are different A. attract each other. B. repel each other. C. exist in pairs. D. do not interact. i think it is a
  46. Science
    Calculate the weight of 6.022*10^23 molecules of caco3.
  47. Science Answer Check
    1. Which of the following statements is true about artificial selection? A. Breeders can control which animals mate. B. Breeders can control what mutations will appear in the offspring. C. Both A and B are true. D. Neither A nor B is true. 2. Which of the following is not a ...
  48. science
    What was Newton's theory the law of gravity or was it the three laws of motion? I was thinking both of them.
  49. Science
    Please help! Did the other 13 myself, but now having a hard time with this one. Describe some of the problems faced by benthic organisms in the ocean.
  50. Sociology
    Is sociology a science? Why or why not?
  51. Science
    Which interaction BEST illustrates the concept of mutualism? A) Jaguars feeding on wild pigs. B) Squirrels playing with other squirrels. C) Malaria protozoans living on the blood of a host. D) Nitrogen-fixing bacteria in root nodules of legumes. I think its either D or B. Thanks!
  52. Science
    Two abiotic factors of a habitat COULD include A) birds and bees. B) snails and snowfall. C) mosquitoes and mushrooms. D) clouds and the air. I think it's either D or A. Please correct me if I am wrong. I appreciate the help! Thank you so much!
  53. Science
    Does anyone know why candles burn slower in cooler environments? Been searching through the interwebs, and I haven't been able to find an exact answer. Any help is appreciated, thank you.
  54. science
    what is meant by efficiency of a machine is 60%?
  55. math
    The stem-and-leaf plot shows the test scores of a science class. Use the plot to answer the question. 1.how many students scored 78? (1 point) 1 student 2 students 3 students 4 students
  56. calclus
    Chemistry teachers love to have different shaped beakers in their classroom (I guess it makes the classroom look for impressive). Different shaped beakers result in different rates the water level rises. Task: Determine the rate in which the water level rises in a non-...
  57. Science
    Earth's energy sources include both renewable and nonrenewable resources. Name at least three sources of energy that could be used in your house. Then describe the ideal energy source for generating most of your home's electricity, and explain why you chose that source.
  58. Maths, physics, science
    A spherical tank in a petro-chemical plant has a radius of 5m. If liquid is entering the tank at a rate of 1500 litres per second and the depth is 3m how long will it take to fill the tank? Give your answer in seconds.
  59. Science
    11. Create a scale for your model thermometer. Divide the distance between the two marks into 5-mm intervals. Starting with the lowest point, label the intervals on the straw 0, 1, 2, 3, and so on. Describe your scale below. PLEASE HELPPPP IM super behind and school is almost ...
  60. Science
    I need help researching this hypothesis: "A candle will burn slower in cooler environments." I need to research two topics and three research questions in each topic. First topic: Candle Questions: (1) Composition of a candle (2) How do candles create light? (3) (suggestions ...
  61. Physical Science
    Picture a ball traveling at a constant speed around the inside of a circular structure. Is the ball accelerating? Explain your answer. Please help me with this, I know that the ball is accelerating but idk why. Thanks.
  62. History
    Which option suggests the wide-ranging influence of the refugee Nazi scientists on US technology? A-these scientist proved themselves trustworthy by designing the atomic bomb, leading to the Saturn V rocket. B-These scientists developed the first working pro type of what would...
  63. Science
    Which car is accelerating? a. a car that is unmoving b. a car that rounds a curve at a constant speed*** c. a car that travels in a straight line at a constant speed
  64. science
    A hypothesis must be
  65. Science
    The length of simple pendulum that makes 12 oscillation/minute is
  66. Science
    1. Which of the following statements about mechanical waves is true? a. mechanical waves require a medium to travel through b. mechanical waves do not have amplitude and wavelength c. mechanical waves do not have frequency d. mechanical waves can travel through blank space 2...
  67. Science
    The strength of the force of gravity between two objects is determined by which of the following factors? Select all that apply. A. the masses of the objects B. the distance between the objects C. the volumes of the objects D. the surface area of the objects
  68. Science
    Discuss the different types of energies possessed by a flowing liquid. Derive an expression for the total energy per unit mass of a flowing liquid
  69. science
    what does 4s^2 mean
  70. Science
    Explain the value or importance of using the International System of Units when describing motion. Provide an example that supports your reasoning. PLZ PLZ HELP ME!
  71. Science
    solve the system of equations algebraically. show all your steps. y=x^2+2x y=3x+20 Can someone show me step by step on how to get the answer it's, there are answers like this that is going to be on my math test and I don'tget it.
  72. physical science
    How much work in N * m is done when a 10.0-N force moves an object 2.5 m? a. 0.25 N*m b. 2.5 N*m c. 25 N*m d. 4.0 N*m please help me thank you so much!!
  73. Science
    How does condensation on a mug compare with condensation on a metal pot after freezing then put at room temperature?
  74. Science
    I need to make an acrostic poem for the word ECOSYSTEM and each letter has to be a phrase. I need help.
  75. Science
    If 465 cm cube of sulphur(iv)oxide,can diffuse through porous partition in 30 seconds,how long will an equal volume , 620 cm cube of hydrogen sulphide take to diffuse through the same partition?(H=1, S=33, O=16)
  76. science
    A coastline on Earth experienced a high tide at 6 a.m. At what approximate time will the next low tide occur, and why? 6 p.m., because the coastline will turn 90 degrees from the moon 6 p.m., because the coastline will turn 180 degrees from the moon 12 noon, because the ...
  77. Science
    Can somebody give me their simple definition (6th grade level) of a point source and pollution?
  78. science
    Which of the following explains why objects in our solar system are in a spinning motion? A.The gravitational pull of the sun pushed objects into a spinning motion. <----I think it is this one B.The massive size of the sun made all other objects in space spin fast. C....
  79. science
    Certain high-frequency radiations are likely to cause harm to astronauts landing on Mars. A detector for which type of electromagnetic radiation is most suitable to study this harmful radiation on Mars? I think it is radio waves A. Infrared B. Radio waves C. Ultraviolet D. ...
  80. Science
    Which of the following explains why objects in our solar system are in a spinning motion? A. The gravitational pull of the sun pushed objects into a spinning motion. B. The massive size of the sun made all other objects in space spin fast. C. Gravity pulled in new matter ...
  81. science
    The orbital radii of four planets in our solar system are shown in the following table. Orbital Radii Planet Orbital Radii (AU) W 5.2 X 0.72 Y 1.0 Z 19.1 Which planet is likely to experience the highest temperature? W X Y Z I think it is B.x but I am not for sure
  82. Science
    How do clouds form? (No links, please, just a few facts, I've done half of this question) All weather occurs in Earth's _______. thermosphere troposphere*** stratosphere exosphere Because of their shape when seen from the ground, tornadoes are sometimes called _____. V clouds ...
  83. science
    A hawk building its nest on an arm of a saguaro cactus is an example of
  84. science
    Animals have three types of muscle tissue. Striated found in arms etc. unstriated found in lining of stomach and cardiac found in the heart. Mention the characteristics of each which justify their presence in the locations mentioned above
  85. science
    Mass of a body is 25 kg. What is its weight in Newton on earth? The body is carried to a planet whose mass is two times the mass of earth and radius is half that of earth. What will be the mass and weight of the body on the planet? (Take the value of g on earth as 10 m s–2)
  86. Science
    Fresh water. My techer marked it as correct
  87. Science
    Flying an airplane at 500 km/h, a pilot plans to reach her destination in 5 h. But she finds a jet stream moving 250 km/h in the direction she is traveling . If she gets a boost from the jet stream for 2 h how long will the flight last?
  88. science
    A satellite in space experiences direct sunlight and heats up. During periods when it receives no sunlight, The satellite cools off by radiation The satellite cools off by conduction The satellite maintains a constant temperature The satellite cools off by convection ***
  89. science
    Is the flame coloration a test for the metal or for the acid radical?
  90. science
    Given the list of pKa values, which acid will have the largest amount of conjugate base present in the solution at equilibrium? Acid: Pka: H20 15.7 NH3 38 HCL -8 NH4+ 9.2 H2O NH3 NH4+ HCl <- My answer I believe that the answer to this is HCl. I converted the pKa values to ...
  91. science
    Isn't part of my homework, but I'm curious- Does water evaporate faster from a body of water with a bigger surface area?
  92. Science
    The average efficiency of energy capture/ transfer reaction in an organism is about 40%. Is this efficient? Why or why not? Use examples of other energy transfer systems in your explanation (cooking, lighting, fuel burning etc.). Can someone please help me on this?? I really ...
  93. science
    does the sun have a gravitiational pull which can strip gas planets of their atmospheres? not a question for assignment but more likes one to help answer another.
  94. Math & science?
    New York's 300 m high Citicorp Tower oscillates in the wind with a period of 6.80 s. Calculate its frequency of vibration.
  95. Science
    Chef Walt is an excellent cook. He works in a very busy restaurant. He cooks for 100's of people each night. Why would Chef Walt use a copper pot instead of an aluminum pot? A) The aluminum pot probably holds less food than the copper pot. B) The copper pot heats up faster ...
  96. Science
    How to determine for an empirical formula?
  97. Science (Chem)
    Given below are aqueous solutions of strong electrolytes. For each solution, specify the concentration of each ion 0.15 M NH4NO3 (aq) 0.120M Mg(NO3)2(aq)
  98. science
    The distance between any two point placed apart from each other is called-
  99. Science
    A boy travels a distance of 10 m towards south and then he runs towards east and travels 12 m in that direction. Calculate (i) the total distance travelled by the boy and (ii) the displacement from his initial position
  100. Science
    15ml of 0.309M Na2SO4 and 35.6ml of 0.200M KCL are mixed determine the following concentration (Na+),(SO4-2),(CL-1)
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