1. Science
    What is suspension?what is the 5 example of suspension?
  2. science
    how to make and balance steps of reaction oF hno3 and cu by partial equation method
  3. Science
    A stone is dropped from a height of 49m and simultaneously another stone is thrown upwards from the ground with a speed of 40m/s.when and where do the two stones meet?
  4. Science
    How many kilograms of water can be evaporated at 100 degrees Celsius by the combustion of 470 litres of fuel oil whose heat of combustion is 37 MJ/Litre
  5. science
    where father seat in seesaw.tomake balance
  6. science
    Can you please give examples of the interaction of 4 spheres/subsystems of the earth.
  7. Science
    If a boy applies a force of 16N on an area of 16cm2,what will be the pressure produced by him?
  8. Science
    A stone was thrown upward with the innital velocity. (A)how for does it reach? (B)how long does it takes to reach this height? (C)calculate the final velocity.
  9. Science
    What is force
  10. science
    2 velocities each 5m/so are inclined at 60 degree .find their resultant
  11. Science (Biology)
    I think the answer is (e) but I'm not certain. In Drosophila melanogaster the genes for yellow body colour and white eye colour are linked this means that: a. They can produce only one phenotype b. They cannot separate c. They produce more parental types than recombinant types...
  12. Science
    A bullet initially moving with a velocity 20ms strikes a target and come to rest after penetrating a distance 10cm in target. Calculate the retardation caused by the target.
  13. science
    2KClO3 - 2KCl + 3O2 is formed ! now which kind of reaction is this ? and how can i say it is that particular reaction took place here?
  14. Science
    A cyclist move 4km in the east diraction then he turn to north and move 3km . Find displacement.
  15. forensic science
    Select the correct order of the GC components Column, Recorder, Carrier Gas, Flow Controller, Detector Recorder, Carrier Gas, Column, Detector, Injector port Injector port, Carrier Gas, Detector, Recorder Carrier Gas, Column Oven, Flow Controller, Detector Carrier Gas, Flow ...
  16. science
    Which of the following is created when the ice of a comet starts to melt into gases?
  17. Science (physics)
    A powerful motorcycle can accelerate from rest to 28 metre per second in only 4 seconds what is the average acceleration? How far does it travel in that time
  18. science
    A commertially available sample of H2SO4 is 15% of H2SO4 by weight. Density=1.10g. Calculate- 1. Molarity 2. Normality 3. Molality
  19. Science
    Darren the astronaut traveled to Planet U-427, a planet that is as big as Earth but is half the mass of Earth. What can you say about Darren's weight in this planet?
  20. Science
    A bullet blasts from the barrel of a gun upward in the vertical direction with an email initial speed of 700m/s .Find the maximum altitude reaches by this bullet and the time needed the reach it.
  21. science
    two isolated conducting spheres of different radius and different charges are first brought in contact and then separated what happens to the final charge on each of the sphere
  22. sjps science
    The parasite called plasmodium causes a disease known as
  23. science
    what volume of hydrogen peroxide needs to added to treat the system at 100ppm. available hydrogen peroxide is 35%
  24. science
    20ml solution containing 0.2g of an impure sample of h2o2 reacts with 0.316g of kmno4 in the presence of h2so4. Find the purity of h2o2 in the mixture.
  25. science
    How does the resistance of wire change when (a) its length is increased by 20 % (b) its diameter is increased by 20 %
  26. Science
    A mouse that eats grass is called a ......
  27. Science
    How is the temperature of the Earth affected by factors controlling the balance between incoming radiation and radiation emitted...?
  28. science
    a force of 8 newton acts on a body with a mass of 2.4 kg what is the acceleration
  29. sjps science
    The parasite called plasmodium causes a disease known as
  30. sjps science
    The synthetic fibre which contain the organic group similar to those which gives fruits their sweet smell is
  31. sjps science
    A basic oxide will be formed by the element
  32. Math, science.
    If two parallel lines are intersected by a transversal, prove that the bisectors of the interior angles on the same side of the transversal intersect each other at right angles.
  33. sjps science
    The manufacture of one of the following artificial fibres contributes to deforestation this fibre is
  34. sjps science
    Pasteurization is a method used to preserve milk by
  35. forensic science
    What type of substance is the mobile phase in gas chromatography? a polar liquid a nonpolar liquid a mixture of two liquids to create the correct polarity a polar gas an inert gas like nitrogen my answer is an insert gas like nitrogen
  36. Science
    The volume of co2 gas produced at NTP when 25 gram of caco3 is heated
  37. Science
    Find the wavelength of radiation required to exite an electron in the ground level of Li2+ to the third energy level
  38. science
    ruthie walks 45 m east, and then moves 40 m west. if east is chosen as the positive direction, what is ruthie's resultant displacement?
  39. Eng, Bengali, maths, science, social science
    A rectangular swimming pool measures 15 meters by 10 meters. How wide must a concrete walk around the pool be if the walk is to cover an area of 116 square meters
  40. science
    Why is avogadro's law reffered to as hypothesis
  41. science
    To what temperature must a mass of Nitrogen at 0°c,be heated so that both its volume and pressure will be doubled?
  42. Science
    A man runs 100.0 metre in 10.3 seconds find his average speed up to appropriate significant figures.
  43. Science
    A small toy car moves around a circular track onces in every 8s. The radius of track is 3m. Find the speed of car.
  44. Science
    A body of mass 10kg is moving with velocity 10m/sec.The work done to stop the body is : A) 500J B)-500J C)1000J D)-1000J How to calculate the answer?
  45. forensic science
    Quantization is Interaction of electromagnetic radiation and matter at discrete energy levels The ion separator in a mass spectrometer Chemical ionization The bombardment of an analyte by a stream of energetic electrons Inelastic scattering My answer is the bombardment 3 amswer
  46. Social Studies
    I need to write a paper on a transgender role model. It can be someone in the field of art, science, math, or business leadership. Any suggestions?
  47. physical science
    I have 50 grams of an isotope. How much of it will i have in 10 years if it has a half life of 10 years
  48. Science
    Write the balanced chemical reactions using the appropriate symbols​
  49. Science
    Which of the following does NOT describe a change in velocity? A. Your mom drives 60 miled per hour on the freeway.*** B. A kite flies up into the sky, then starts falling down again. C. Your puppy is running in circles around a large, circular table D. A boy riding a bicycle ...
  50. science
    12gm of potassium sulphate is dissolved in 25 gm of water at 60 degree. what is solubility in water at that temperature?
  51. Science
    You Add a g to My word and I disappear so what word AM I?
  52. science
    What is mole?
  53. Forensic science
    The_____________spectrum is so complex it is considered to be unique: Visible Ultraviolet Infrared Microwave Fluorescence
  54. science
    Any place inside a hachure line is a _____ elevation than the hachure line.
  55. science
    Is there any effect in the mass of an atom if it becomes negatively charged? I know that atomic mass and mass number are two different things but the change in electrons (although may not affect the mass number) may affect the atomic mass, wouldn't it?
  56. phisical science
    what is the role of mass in newtons second law?
  57. Geography, life science, maths lit,history
    Research for careers of the above subjects, it happened that i want to be a Doctor, but m not sure about this subjects
  58. science - physics
    A car us moving with a speed of 60km per h . suddenly the breaks are applied , and the car brought to rest in 10 sec. calculate the accelaration of the car.
  59. Science
    A body travells along the circular path of radius 70m after travelling half a revolution in 20sec find avrage velocity and avrage speed
  60. Science
    An aluminium cube measures 10 cm on each side. The density of aluminium is 2.7g/cm–³. What is the cube's mass? I need help regarding the formula.
  61. Science
    Madeira uses the water cycle to generate electrical power but this becomes a problem during the summer. What is the problem and explain the renewable energy solution.
  62. Science
    An aluminium cube measures 10 cm on each side. The density of aluminium is 2.7g/cm–³. What is the cube's mass? I need help regarding the formula.
  63. Science
    How does the albedo effect climate and can drive positive feedback
  64. Science
    Use the terms solar, kinetic, electrical and potential energy gravitational energy to explain energy transformations used for renewable energy systems
  65. physcis
    name any 5 models present in national science center related to force and laws of motion
  66. Science
    At a distance L equals to 400m from the traffic light, brakes are applied to a locomotive moving at a velociy VEquals to 54 km/hr. Determine the position of the locomotive relative to the traffic light l minute after application ofthe brakes if its acceleration is -0.3m/sec..
  67. Science
    1. Which of the following is true about the electric charges on the objects below? a. The ball on the right has a positive charge and the ball on the left has a negative charge. b. The ball on the left has a positive charge and the ball on the right has a negative charge. c. ...
  68. science
    A student is all 32 gram of potassium nitrate in water to prepare 200 ml of solution what is the concentration of solution in terms of mass by volume
  69. forensic science
    "In fluorescence microscopy, the wavelength of the emitted light is __________that of the exciting radiation." Longer than Shorter than Equal to Either longer or shorter than Impossible to determine My answer is Longer than am I correct
  70. Science , Biology
    Are both of osmosis and diffusion movement of high concentration to low concentration? just a deferences of water or molecures?
  71. Science (soon if so)
    Over the years technology has gotten a) smaller**** b) heavier c) less complicated d) more expensive What is nanotechnology? a) Nanotechnology is engineering new elements by changing their atoms***** b)Nanotechnology is a way to lengthen radio waves and improve cell phone ...
  72. Science
    6TH GRADE SCIENCE HELP ME FINISH MY LAST QUESTION OF SCHOLL!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY 21PT Please Help Explain the differences between internal and external fertilization and the advantages and disadvantages of each reproductive strategy. explain in detail plz help will mark ...
  73. Physical science CHECK my answers
    6. Sound is an example of a(n) _____________ wave * Longitudinal******* Transverse Surface Electromagnetic 7. Which of the below options demonstrate reflection? * A rainbow Ripples in a pond******* An echo The tone that a plucked rubber band makes 8. Sound waves carry music ...
  74. Science
    The mass of sodium carbonate required to prepare 250ml of 0.4N solution is
  75. Science
    If 1 mole of acetic acid and 1 mole of ethyl alcohol are mixed and reaction proceeds to equilibrium, the concentration of acetic acid and water are found 1/3 and 2/3 mole respectively. If 1 mole of ethyl acetate and 3 mole of water are mixed,how much ester is present when ...
  76. Science(maths)
    How many H atoms are contained in 1.50g of glucose
  77. science
    A stone is allowed to fall from the top of a tower 100 m high and at the same time another stone is thrown vertically upwards with a velocity of 25 m/s. When and where will the two stones cross each other?
  78. Science
    Earth is sphere yes or No
  79. Science.
    A Car is travelling at 20 km/s along a road . A child runs out into the road some ahead and the car driver steps on the brake pedal.What must the car's Acceleration be if the car is to stop just before it reaches the child?
  80. Physical science CHECK my answers
    1. Which of the following correctly lists friction types (excluding fluid friction) from strongest to weakest? (2 points) * a. static, sliding, rolling b. sliding, static, magnetic c. weak, strong, nuclear d. rolling, sliding, static*** 2. Two or more velocities add by ...
  81. Science
    Imagine you are a laboratory technician studying how a medicine reacts with cancer cells. Describe how learning and developing new skills to analyze a specimen can help make the world a better place. I really need to know this by 9:30 tonight and I'm really lost!!! Please help!!!
  82. Science
    Describe the process of decomposition
  83. science
    can a metal sphere of radius 1cm hold a charge of 1 coulomb?justify your answer.
  84. science
    if the speed of shatabdi express is 150 miles per hour,then express its speed in SIunit
  85. Science
    What is the formula of calculating linear expansion
  86. Washington state history
    please help What about Washington’s post-World War II economy does the image represent? A.a change in focus to large businesses, science, and technology B.a change in focus to large businesses, science, and technology C.a decline in building and city growth D.a shift from ...
  87. Science, Chemistry
    Using chemical equations, write the chemical reactions for the following; photosynthesis, combustion, corrosion of iron.
  88. Science
    Consider a lead-acid battery with 500 Ah capacity and a rated voltage of 12 V. a)What is the total capacity of energy in watt-hours that can be stored in the battery? b)Assume that the battery is completely empty. The battery is now charging at a C-rate of 0.20C. What is the ...
  89. Science
    Hello, can anyone help me answer this question: What is the result of a silent mutation at a) DNA level b) amino acid level c) protein level d) phenotype level Thank you.
  90. Science
    Reaction between potassium dichromate and sulphur dioxide gas??
  91. Science
    Reaction between potassium dichromate and sulphir dioxide gas?
  92. Science
    Give two reasons why it is difficult for scientists to predict exactly how the climate will change in the future?
  93. Science
    Can you send me to a link that explains how genetic variation and environmental pressures can lead to a change in the characteristics of a population.
  94. Biology
    I need help finding a scientific journal on either one of these topics and talk about science environment technology and society, how this research contributed. -Genetics -Plants -Evolution -Diversity
  95. science
    Copper crystallizes in a face centered cubic lattice . Calculate the nmber of unit cell in 1.2 g of copper atomic mass of copper is 63.5 u
  96. science
    condition required when Silver Nitrate reacts with dilute hydrochloric acid
  97. Maths science English hindi s.st computer
    Find the effective resistances in paralle if all four resistances are equal to 1 ohm
  98. Science
    The Millennium Force is the highest roller coaster in North America. It reached a maximum height to 94.5 m. The total mass of the roller coaster car and its passengers is 1380 kg. The speed of the roller coaster is 41.1 m/s at its lowest point on the tracks. What is the ...
  99. Science
    Why do earthquakes appear near the San Andreas Fault?
  100. Science
    How many atoms are there in one molecule of the following compounds? a. silver chloride- AgCl b. calcium oxide- CaO c. Magnesium nitride- Mg3N2 d. Aluminium oxide- Al2O3 e. Scandium sulfide- Sc2S3 f. Hydrogen Peroxide- H2O2
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