1. Earth Science (check answers)
    1. The mass number of an atom is obtained by totaling the number of_____and____. a. electrons and protons b. electron and neutrons c.protons and neutrons d.neutrons and isotopes Is it B? 2. Which of the following statements about the chemical combinations of atoms to form ...
  2. Science
    1. Which skill involves creating representations of complex objects or processes A. Classifying B. Predicting C. Making models**** D. Evaluating 2. The mass of an object is described in what A. Meters B. Cubic meters C. Liters D. Grams ****
  3. science
    two point charges of 100 micro columb and -100micro columb are 2×10 to the power -3meter apart find dipole moment
  4. Science
    Which of the following means using specific observation to make generalizations A. Bias B. Subjective C. Deductive reasoning D. Inductive reasoning *** which of the following is not true about bias? personal bias involves the influence of your own likes and dislikes ethical ...
  5. Science
    E.f of feso4
  6. computer science
    Sara needs to needs to trek from an oasis to a destination 10 miles away across a barren desert. However, she finds herself dealing with the following limitations: a) Crossing one mile of desert requires using 1 gallon of water. b) She can only carry 6 gallons of water at a ...
  7. Science
    the pilot of a private plane flies 20km in a direction 60 degrees north of east,then 30km straight east,then 10km straight north.how far and in what direction is the plane from the starting point
  8. school
    1) A great way to teach math is through children's everyday experiences. Answer:True 2) Children can use words they have never had experience with or heard before. Answer:False 3) Children with limited experiences have limited language ability with regard to semantics or word ...
  9. st.mary school(science)
    at the average speed of 40km/h a car takes 5 1/2 to reach jiribam from imphal.how far is jiribam from imphal.
  10. Science
    If 3N,4Nand12N act at a point in matually perpendicular direction.The magnitude of the resultant force is
  11. Science
    A concave mirror having a radius of curvature 40 cm is placed in front of an illuminated point source at a distance of 30 cm from it.Find the location of the image. I got 6cm as my answer and its wrong
  12. science
    which part of a plant cell is made of cellulose
  13. Science physics
    A boy stands on the roof of a 50m tall building and thrown a ball horizontslly at 20m/s away from the building. How far away from the foot of the building will the ball land?
  14. science
    Can you explain how matter and energy are continuously transferred between organisms and their physical environment? All help welcomed, I'm willing to be directed to links etc thank you! Im truly stumped here i know it probably has to do with the carbon cycle I'm just not sure...
  15. Science, physics, work/power/enegry
    I have to do a crossword puzzle for my exercise due tomorrow but the words aren't fitting... two blanks 1. Going downward 19 blocks on the 6th is "v" 15th is "a" 17th is "I" 19th is "n" and the question is "an example of radiant energy" 2. Going horizontaly 4 blocks on the 3rd...
  16. science
    A body is dropped the roof of a building 10 mtr high calculate the time and speed g =10 m/s
  17. Science
    A body slides down a curved track which is one quadrant of a circle of radius R. If it starts from rest at the top of the track and there is no friction And the body starts from rest it's speed at the bottom of the track is
  18. science
    what is force
  19. Science
    What are ligaments and tendons?
  20. Science , phycics
    Calculate the density of an object of volume 3mcube and mass is 9kg?
  21. social science
    essay on overview of labor scenario in India comparing two states in India
  22. Science
    how does cal c vita dissolve in water ? 0 Graphs ? Data ? Method ?
  23. Science
    How to determine SiO2/Na2O ratio after mixing Na2SiO3 (SiO2=35%, Na2CO3=15%, water=50%) solutions?
  24. Science
    Write correct formulas for the products in these combustion reactions. a)C6H6 + O2= b)C12H22O11+O2= c)C25H52+O2= d)C2H5OC2H5+O2= e)C4H9OH+O2=
  25. Science
    Write correct formulas for the products in these combustion reactions.C6H6 + O2=
  26. science
    Pure PCL5 is introduced into an evacuated chamber and comes to equilibrium at 247C and 2 atm. The equilibrium gaseous mixture contain 40% chlorine by volume. Calculate Kp for the reaction.
  27. Science (Chemistry)
    An organic compound contains 49.2% Carbon, and 9.68% Hydrogen and 19.19% Nitrogen. If Molecular Mass of compound is 146. Calculate the Molecular Formula of compound.
  28. Science
    A boy is going from one place to another.He goes 100 m north and then 70 m east . Find the displacement of the boy from his starting point.
  29. science
    enumerate ways by wich you can practice 5 Rs the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Respect and Responsibility.
  30. science
    if the same 1.0 kg book is lifted to 0.5 meters above the table, but the table top is 1.0 meters above the floor,, what would be the potential energy of the book if the reference level were the floor??
  31. science
    The oxidation number of cr in cr^3- is?
  32. Science
    An electric pump has 2KW power.How much water will the pump lift every minute to a height of 10meter?
  33. science
    A substance has a half-life of 10,000 years and an initial mass of 1,000 grams. How many years will pass before only 250 grams of the substance's parent material is left?
  34. Science
    How can we approach life scientifically?
  35. Science
    How many moles of oxygen are given by the complete decomposition of 1.225gram of potassium chloride
  36. science
    What is the sum of multiples of 8 in the given calender
  37. Science
    Measure the pressure of water being 1000kg/m×m×m and density and 40 kg weight on its base?
  38. science
    two small conducting spheres have charge 2nc and -0.5nc respectively. When they are placed 4 cm apart ,what is the force between them. If they are brought into contact and then seperated by 4cms. What is the force between them?
  39. science
    an 8 kg and a 16 kg block are suspended at opposite ends of a cord passing over a pulley. compute (a) acceleration of the system (b) the tension in the cord connecting the blocks and (c) the tension in the cord supporting the pulley. The weight of the pulley may be neglected.
  40. science
    A ball is thrown upward from the top of a 35-m tower, with initial velocity of 80m/s at an angle of 25 (a) find the time to reach the ground and the distance from the base of the tower to the point of impact (b) find the magnitude and direction of the velocity at the moment of...
  41. science
    define photosynthesis
  42. science
    give 10 example of suspencion
  43. Science
    Equal volumes of three liquids of densities ρ1,ρ2 and ρ3 , specific heat capacities c1,c2 and c3 and temperatures, t1,t2 and t3 respectively are mixed together , What is the temperature of the mixture ? Assume no change in volume on mixing
  44. Science
    Ben threw a ball up in the air with an initial velocity of 15m/s from a 17m high platform. A.What is the max height reached before failling down? B.How long was the ball in the air? C.What is the final velocity of the ball upon reaching the ground?
  45. Science
    A child has a fever. The temperature of his body is recorded as 103 degree farenheit by a thermometer . A doctor advised his mother to give medicine to lower the temperature. As we know evaporation causes cooling. The medicine given to child enhanced the evapouration. ...
  46. Science
    A lump of ice at -10 degree celsius weighing 0.80 kg is dropped into water at 0 degree celsius. If 0.005 kg of water freeze. Calculate the specific heat of ice.
  47. Science
    A calorimeter of water equivalent 50g contains 250g of water and 50g of ice at 0 degree celsius, 30 g of water at 80 degree celsius is added to it. The final condition in the system will be
  48. Science
    A 0.10 kg of steel ball falls on earth from a height of 10 m and bounces to a height of 1.0m . Let all the dissipated energy were absorbed by the ball as heat, calculate the rise in temperature if specific heat capacity of is 0.12 cal/g/deg C.
  49. Science
    Steam of 100 degree celsius is passed into ice of 100g . The mixture weighs 120g at 35 degree celsius, find the specific heat of ice.
  50. science
    A light string of length a is attached to two point A and B such that they on the same horizontal level and are separated b apart .A mass of P newton is theaded on the string such that it is vertically below B. show that temsion in string w[a^2+b^2)/2ab
  51. Science
    Generation and conduction of postsynaptic potentials and Integration of postsynaptic potentials and generation of action potentials How can these two relate to football players? Your thoughts?
  52. science chemistry
    One word of the chemical used to dissolve gold in the leach tanks with the aid of oxygen
  53. science chemistry
    One word for the chemical used to dissolve gold in the leach tanks with the aid of oxygen
  54. science
    Which of the following organs remove nitrogenous waste from the body?
  55. forensic science
    Why is the cross section of a fiber important? it is a distinctive trait of only natural fibers It is a distinctive trait of only synthetic polymer fibers it can vary significantly with the fiber it provides athe basis for the Beck line it determines the final color of the fibe
  56. Science
    Josh is a passenger in a roller coaster car. At the moment, his car traveling at a speed of 2.20 m/s at height of 15.0m. If his mass is 78.75 kg, what is total mechanical energy?
  57. science
    A bullet having a mass of 10g and moving with a speed of 1.5m/s penetrates a thick wooden plank of mass 90g. The plank was initially at rest. The bullet gets embedded in the plank and both moves together. Determine their velocity
  58. creative play
    Concepts of math, science, and social studies can be developed through the use of: A. community involvement. B. blocks. C. thematic intelligence. D. small motor equipment. B?
  59. science
    Consider a piece of gold jewelry that weighs 9.35 g and has a volume of 0.690 cm3 . The jewelry contains only gold and silver, which have densities of 19.3 g/cm3 and 10.5 g/cm3, respectively. If the total volume of the jewelry is the sum of the volumes of the gold and silver ...
  60. science
    Gametes are hiploid cells.What do you think would happen if the gametes forming a zygote are diploid.
  61. Science-Chemistry(mole concept)
    How many kg of wet NaOH containing 15% water are required to prepare 70 litre of 0.5N solution?
  62. creative play
    Stocking a math or science center with different sized manipulatives would be an appropriate modification for children with __________ issues. A. fine motor B. gross motor C. speech D. behavioral A?
  63. Science
    What would be the temperature above 70 feet, if ground temperature is 45 degree centigrade?
  64. Science
    The liquid waste produced ________ is collected by the kidneys and passes through the __________ to the ___________, ______________. The urinary bladder is a strong muscular organ that stores the urine until it can be excreted via the _________
  65. science
    Q.4a) an object is tied to a rope and moves in a horizontal circle. The maximum tension in the rope is 100N. The object has a mass of 37kg and the rope is 1.4m long. what is the angle of the rope with respect to the Horizontal? b) what is the speed of the object? c) calculate ...
  66. Science
    If a car covers 2/5th of the total distance with V1 speed and 3/5th distance with V2, then average speed is?
  67. science - chemistry
    The relative molecular mass of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) is 100. What is the minimum volume of 2.0 M hydrochloric acid (HCl) that would be needed to completely react with 2.0 g of calcium carbonate?
  68. science
    If i have 9 gram of H2O find its atomic mass and proportion
  69. Science
    What is the percentage by mass of glucose in a solution which contains 18gm of glucose and 250 gm of water
  70. Science
    Can u please explain how u say 1M is equal to 6.02e23.,, What is the number 6.02e 23 electrons.
  71. Science
    How much work is done to lift 5kg box to a vertical height of1.5m
  72. earth science
    The table below the C-14 Decay curve and the Correction curves contains the % Modern values for 4 samples.
  73. Science
    1.00g of oxygen combine with 0.126 g of hydrogen to form H2O. 1.00 g of nitrogen combie with 0.216 g of hydrogen to form ammonia. Predict the weight of oxygen
  74. Science - chemistry
    Write the complete ionic equation for the reaction of magnesium phosphate with lead (II) nitrate. Include which ions will be aqueous and which compound will precipitate. (Valences: Mg=+2, PO4=-3, Pb=+2, NO3=-1)
  75. science
    A car of mass 1000 kg moving with the velocity of 40 kg per hour collide with a tree and comes to stop in five seconds.calculate the force exerted by the car on the tree.
  76. Math
    On a Science exam Rita answered 36 questions correctly and receive a score of 100% her friend answered 27 questions correctly what score did read her friend receive
  77. Science
    What is a cell wall?
  78. Science
    The no. of nitrogen atoms in Zn(NO3)2
  79. Bps science
    When electricity is passed through water hydrogen and Oxygen gas are found change. A change in the state of matter occurs. Is this a chemical or physical change.
  80. Science
    49gm of sulphuric acid is present in 100ml aq. Solution .What is the molarity of sulphuric acid?
  81. Science
    a train takes 5 minutes to cover a distance of 3 km between two stations p and q . Starting from rest at p , it accelerate at a constant rate to a speed 40 km/h and maintain this speed untill it is brought to rest at q . If train takes 3 times as long to deaccelerate as it ...
  82. Science
    I need help in my project the question is- classify the mixture used in daily life - into solution,colliods and suspension and write their uses I need it today only I have to submit tomorrow
  83. science
    a1.5m high has a potential energy of 44.1 what is the mass
  84. science
    Which of the following statement is correct a. There are 7 principal electron energy levels. b.The second principal energy level has 4 sub-energy levels and contain a max. Of 8 electrons. c.The principal energy level N can have a max. Of 32 electrons. D. The 4s sub-energy ...
  85. science
    a loaf of bread has a mass of 2000g and a volume of 500 cm3. what is the density of the bread
  86. science
    A weight of 500kg is suspended by two chains 1.5m and 2.7mrespectively.the chains are attached to a beam that is 3.746m in length. The distance from the suspension to the ground being 900m. A.Calculate the load. B.the vertical and horizontal reactions at the suspension points.
  87. Science : physics
    An electron travels in a circle of radius 6.1 m while under the influence of an unknown magnetic field, directed perpendicular to its velocity. If the particle makes 6.6 trillion complete revolutions per second, determine the magnitude of the magnetic field, in Tesla.
  88. biological science
    please discuss physiologically the importance of human tissues
  89. Science
    An aeroplane starts from rest with an acceleration of 3 ms-2 and takes a run for 35s before taking off. What is the minimum length of the runway with what velocity plane take off?
  90. Science
    10 examples for suspension
  91. science
    Calculate the number of ions present in 7.45 grams of potassium oxide. ( At.mass of K= 39u).
  92. Science
    An aeroplane taking off a field has a run of 500 meter.what is the acceleration and take off velocity if IT leaves the ground 10 seconds after the start.
  93. science
    Assume that nucles of f atom is a sphere of radius 5×10 cm. calculate thevdensity of f sphere
  94. physical science
    A sample of tin (Cp = 0.227 J/g•°C) is placed in a freezer. Its temperature decreases from 15.0°C to −10.0°C as it releases 543 J of energy. What is the mass of the sample? Round your answer to three significant figures.
  95. Simple Science
    In science, what is the meaning of the phrase "respective implication"?
  96. Simple Science
    Are there independent and dependent variables in observational studies?
  97. science
    for a particle executing simple harmonic motion the displacement is 8 cm at the instant the velocity is 6cm\sec and the displacement is 6 cm at the instant the velocity is 8 cm\sec calculate the amplitude?
  98. Science
    A force of 750 N keeps a 70-kg pilot in circular motion if he is flying a small plane at 35m/s in a circular path.What is the radius of the circular path?
  99. Science
    At a height of 9 meter from ground if a body of mass 2 kg has gravitational potential energy 36 Joule, what will be its final velocity with which it strikes the ground if it is dropped from there?
  100. Science
    1-A body is in motion with uniform acceleration of 4.5 kilometer per hour square find his value in CGS
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