1. Science
    State the energy transformation which occurs when a boy shoots a stone from a catapult to hit a target.
  2. Science
    State four of the transformation of energy which occurs at a power station which uses coal as its fuel. Account for the energy losses.
  3. Science
    A project demand for electricity is 25,000MW in a year. Estimate the following: The electricity is produced by a big hydroelectric station and the water level in the 10m deep reservoir is allowed to fall 100m to generate the electricity. How many square kilometer must the ...
  4. Science
    A ball of mass 1kg is dropped from a height of 7m and rebounds to a height of 4.5m. Calculate: (I) its KE just before impact (II) its initial rebound velocity and KE (III) Account for the loss of KE on the impact.
  5. Science
    A 55.0 kg child slides down from rest from the top of a water slide that is 5.0 m long and inclined 300 with the horizontal. The child reaches the bottom of the slide with a speed of 6.24 m/s. Find his total mechanical energy at the top of the slide.
  6. science
    An object moving at 32m/s takes 4s to come to a stop. What is the object’s acceleration? m/s2 Need help please, have work on this and still cant figure out.
  7. Science
    what is melting and freezing
  8. Science
    If the initial amount of Carbon-14 in the mammoth was 8 grams, how many half-lives have passed i the fossil sample has 1 gram left? How many years have passed since the mammoth's death?
  9. Science
    Object E has a mass of 4,800 kilograms. Object F has a mass of 600 kilograms. Both objects were placed on different planets so that their weights are equal. The gravity acting on Object E is ________ times the gravity acting on Object F. 1/8 1/4 1 8** Am I correct
  10. Science Help
    Sorry to bother, but can anybody give me a link to help me find out which part of a cell stores information to determine an individual's blood type please? It's just that I have this hard question on cells. Thanks!
  11. History
    Which accurately describes Galileo's impact on science during the Scientific Revolution? galileo used a telescope to discover moons revolving around Jupiter and craters on earth moon galileo invented the compound microscope which improves magnification compared to older ...
  12. science (pls help)
    What ways can you separate iron fillings,salt, sand, and woodchips? I know you can separate them by filtering and sifting. But are there any other ways?
  13. Science
    What is the difference between radial symmetry and bilateral symmetry?
  14. science
    Which of these correctly compares the masses of different objects in the universe? * A A moon has less mass than a star and more mass than the planet it orbits. B A planet has less mass than a galaxy and more mass than the star it orbits. C A galaxy has less mass than a moon ...
  15. Science
    When Seed start to sprout is called __________
  16. science
    make a list such action where many force and applied simultaneously (ref page number 70 to74
  17. Science Help Please
    Some students measure the mass of a small pile of leaves before and after the leaves decompose. Each time the students measure the mass, they place a container with the decomposing leaves on a balance. Before recording the mass of the leaves, the students must do which of the ...
  18. science
    Some students measure the mass of a small pile of leaves before and after the leaves decompose. Each time the students measure the mass, they place a container with the decomposing leaves on a balance. Before recording the mass of the leaves, the students must do which of the ...
  19. Science Help Please
    8. Which of these correctly compares the masses of different objects in the universe? A moon has less mass than a star and more mass than the planet it orbits. B A planet has less mass than a galaxy and more mass than the star it orbits. C A galaxy has less mass than a moon ...
  20. Science Help Please
    Which of these observations of Barnard's Star is most likely accurate? Please help! T have to finish this TODAY!!! and I have no Idea :-( A Barnard’s Star is less bright than the sun, has a surface temperature below 3,800 K, and is red. B Barnard’s Star is less bright than...
  21. science
    As an observer travels due east or due west, what happens to the angle of polaris?
  22. Science
    How should I prepare for a field study and what should I do if there's an accident?
  23. Science
    i need help i need to find 3 ways to conserve fish
  24. Science
    What do safty symbols look like? What do they mean? provide at least three examples.
  25. science(pls help :D)
    Particles have enough energy to break free from each other and can move around freely. What kind of substance is described? A:solid B:liquid C:gas D:Molecule
  26. Science
    How does rubbish or pathway affect the living organisms and also the abiotic factors? Do you have suggestions on how can we prevent them?
  27. Physical Science
    What steps should we use to prevent the soil from eroding while we are letting the soil dry?
  28. Science
    A car weighing 1000kg is on slope that makes an angle 30° with the horizontal.the component of car's weight parallel to the slope is(g=10)
  29. Science
    What could be a reason for low specific gravity found in highly dilute urine
  30. science
    where does energy come from in north carolina
  31. Science
    Witch of the following shows the path followed by nerve impulses in a reflex
  32. Science
    Cystic fibrosis is a recessive genetic disorder caused by a mutation of the CTRF gene. The disease is characterized by excessive mucus production along the respiratory and digestive tracts in addition to other symptoms. Cystic fibrosis is a progressive disorder that is most ...
  33. Science disscussion
    What form of pollution, if any, does each energy source cause How does the economy influence energy source choices How does location influence energy source choices
  34. Science
    Sodium is a medal and chlorine is a poisonous gas. Neither is safe to eat. However, when sodium and chlorine is combine, it produces edible table salt. What can be concluded? 1) Table salt has similar physical properties of both reactants. 2)Table salt is a metalloid with ...
  35. Science
    Which of the following equations is balanced correctly? A. 3 H20 = H2 + 3 O2 B.2 C2H2 + 5 O2 = 4 CO2 + 2 H2O C.Cl2 + 2 KBr = KCI + Br2 D. 2 C3H3 + O2 = 2 CO2 + H2O
  36. Science
    Can you help me? what iss 42.1 pounds eqaul to?
  37. Science
    Which factor impacts the possible number of ways in which different atoms can be put together? An atoms inability to share neutrons and protons. The ability of atoms to combine in unlimited ways. An atoms inability to react with all elements the same way. ***** The inability ...
  38. English
    Fill a glass with water. Cover the glass with paper. Turn the glass upside down. The water stays in the glass. 1. The outside air pressure is greater than the inside air pressure. ------------------------------------ This is about a simple science experiment. Q1) Why is 'the' ...
  39. science
    Which combination of sex chromosomes results in a male human being? 1 XX 2 YY 3 XY 4 either XX or YY is it a?
  40. Science
    The pressure P at the bottom of a swimming pool varies directly as depth of water. If the pressure is 125 paacal when the water is 2m deep ,find the pressure when it 4.5 meters deep.
  41. Science
    What is the main difference between mechanical and electromagnet waves? a)Mechanical waves involve transfer of energy; electromagnet waves do not. b)Mechanical waves require a medium to travel in; electromagnet waves do not. c)Mechanical waves have amplitude and wavelength; ...
  42. Language Arts
    7. in the biography nolan bushnell which of the following descriptions best reflects the authors feelings towards the impact of the computers on society A. computers hinder the academic performances of many students B. computers and technology promote exercise for the mind C. ...
  43. Science
    Please help check my answers 1. On a weather map, the center of the mid-latitude cyclone is labeled as an area (high/low) __________pressure. 2. On a weather map, a mid-latitude cyclone usually forms between these latitudes: A. 90 degrees and 180 degrees B. 0 degrees and 30 ...
  44. Science please help
    Most Female frogs lay their eggs in water. male frogs release their sperm into the water to fertilize the eggs, this is an example of? A) internal fertilization B) external fertilization C) metamorphosis *** D) Alternation of generation Male bowerbirds spend much of there time...
  45. Science
    Calculate the kinetic energy of a 78kg sheep moving at 23m/s
  46. Science (Plz help)
    So, the question is, what environmental pressures from the past were most important in shaping the human species as it exists today?? Oddly, for this, my teacher only gave us one link, and i've gone over it a number of times, and haven't found where it talks about this.... ...
  47. science
    As a reseacher and as a student of Malthus' theory, you would be surprised to discover that as the standard of living increases: (A) the birth rates remains stable (B) birth and death rats fluctuate, sometimes increasing and sometimes decreasing. (c) birth rates decline for ...
  48. science
    when corporations speak of ___ they are refusing to take responsibility for water pollution, air pollution, and other kinds of ecological damages. (a) externalities (b) operational contingencies (c) social contingencies (d) externalization
  49. chemistry (science)
    The addition of 50mL of 2.02 M NaOH to 50 mL of 2.00 M HNO3 at 22.0 degree celsius resulted in maximum temperature of 36.1 degree celsius with a total mass of the solution of 100.0 g. calculate molar heat of neutralization and compare it to the results calculated from hess's ...
  50. 5th grade science
    Can you check this question? 7. Which of the following is an instinctive behavior that an organism can inherit from its parents? a. a raccoon taking lids off trash cans to find food. b. a dog barking loudly when doorbell rings c. a seal balancing a ball on the end of its nose...
  51. Science 8
    Why is sugar more soluble in water than in canola oil?????????plz help
  52. Science
    When a car is driving forward on a horizontal road what is the direction of the frictional force on the tires?? The answer is forward on all tires, but how is this correct?
  53. Computer science
    Show that L2 = {a^n b^m c^max(n,m) d^min(n,m)} | m, n ≥ 0} ∈/ Context Free
  54. Science
    Who came first the egg or the hen? Please Justify
  55. science
    What is the energy of light (in J) emitted by a hydrogen atom when an electron relaxes from the 7 energy level to the 5 energy level?
  56. Science
    Is isometric the crystal of magnetite????? How else do I say that? Someone please answer because I need it for my poster and nobody answered it last time
  57. science URGENT!!
    The diagram that was given was really confusing. I need help with the following questions: 1)Polar Easterlies in the Northern Hemisphere blow from? a.)west to east b.)east to west c.)north to south d.)south to north 2) Westerlies in the Northern Hemisphere blow from? a.)west ...
  58. Science
    Is isometric the crystal type in magnetite? How else can I say that because I don't trust Wikipedia and I can't find anything much there
  59. Science
    What type of crystals does magnetite have? What fracture does magnetite have?
  60. science
    A stones drops from the edge of the roof .it passes a window2.5m high in 0.1s.how far is the roof above the top of the window?
  61. Science
    How can you purify a water using only materials at home? How will you know if it is purified or not?
  62. Science
    Suppose a mutation occurs in the gene for a particular aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase. The mutation changes which amino acid is recognized, without affecting which tRNA molecule is recognized. How is this likely to affect protein synthesis?Find all that apply. It will change the ...
  63. Science/ Math
    A person watching the race noticed that at exactly 10:05 am a ant wandered onto the snails 94-cm mark, and reached the 50-cm mark at exactly 10:06 am. What was the velocity of the ant? Is the answer 44 cm? Because v= d/t
  64. Science
    is a jellyfish bilateral symmetry? I have no idea what bilateral symmetry is, so can someone link a website where it explains what it means?
  65. Science Help Please
    Giants and dwarfs are believed to be _________ stars. a) old b) young Please help!
  66. Science
    A person who has cystic fibrosis A.inherited two normal alleles from a parent B.inherited one mutated allele and one normal allele from each parent C.inherited two mutated alleles, one from each parent D.inherited two mutated alleles from a parent
  67. Science
    A drop of oil of volume 10^10m spread out on water to make a circular film of radius 10^1m. What is the thickness of the film
  68. Science, need help please!!
    Please help me with this science, thank you!! The sun is a mid-sized, main sequence star. What stage is next in the life cycle of the sun? A red giant B blackhole C white dwarf D neutron star ------------------------ Astronomers study many different kinds of objects in our ...
  69. science
    plants that have reproductive structures called cones are
  70. Computer Science
    If a file named "myfile" has -r--r--r-- permissions.  Write the command to change it to -rwxr-xr-- permissions using both the octal and symbolic modes of the appropriate command (octal mode was included in the instructor's lecture and published on this web site in the files ...
  71. science
    a carrier is a person who has
  72. Science
    Which tool would you use to measure how long it takes a toy car to go down a ramp?
  73. Science - Physics
    A student with a mass of 66kg is rollerblading at a velocity of 7.8m/s[W] when the trail suddenly becomes very rough and as a result the student stops pushing and comes to a stop in 0.95s. Determine the net force and acceleration of the student on the rough trail. Calculate ...
  74. Science
    12. How do the cherries on a cherry tree help the plant reproduce? A. Cherries develop into seeds, which are young, undeveloped plants. B. Animals eat the cherries, which helps disperse the plant’s seeds. C. Pollen inside the cherries fertilizes ovules, which produce seeds. ...
  75. Science
  76. Science
    1.Which item is made from a basic ingredient? soda** wine leafy vegetables toothpaste 2.Which substances will make a salt when combined? vinegar and soda soda and wine ** detergent and ammonia ferilizer and vinegar
  77. computer science
    Which of the following statements does not contain an error? 1. string firstName= in.next(); 2. string lastName= in.nextline(); 3. system.out.print("\n"); a. 1 only b. 2 only c. 3 only d. 1 and 3 only e. 2 and 3 only is the answer 1 and 3
  78. science
    Describe how you think the length of a pendulum affects the number of swings per minute (frequency). *
  79. Science
    what will my space instruments need to do? its basically asking me what instruments I need and what they need to do for space travel, help anyone ?
  80. Science
    How would you figure the number of protons or electrons in an atom?
  81. Agriculture
    1; What is advertising 2; 5 media mean s of advertising 3; roles of science and technology in advertising 4; 5 benefits of advertising.
  82. Science
    Two identical copper spheres are separated by 1 meter in vacuum . How many electrons would have to be removed from one sphere and added to other sphere so that they now attract each other with a force 0.9 Newton?
  83. Science+Help
    Please help I don't understand how to find my calculations and this is due today The length of a football field is 100 yards. When you compare geologic time (4.6 billion years) to the length of a football field, you will find that each yard on the field will equal 46 million ...
  84. science
    Why does Earth get more energy from the sun than from all the other stars in the universe combined? BTS ARMY
  85. science
    You are given the melting points of three unknown substances and are asked to predict which one is an ionic compound. You would select the compound with the ---------- meting point. My answer is highest
  86. computer science
    Which of the following statements does not contain an error? 1. string firstName= in.next(); 2. string lastName= in.nextline(); 3. system.out.print("\n"); a. 1 only b. 2 only c. 3 only d. 1 and 3 only e. 2 and 3 only is the answer 1 and 3
  87. Computer science
    Which of the following statements does not contain an error? 1. string firstName= in.next(); 2. string lastName= in.nextline(); 3. system.out.print("\n"); a. 1 only b. 2 only c. 3 only d. 1 and 3 only e. 2 and 3 only is the answer 1 and 3
  88. Computer Science
    Which of the following statements contains an error? 1. system.out.print("/tab Age in Minutes: " + ageInMinutes +"/n"); 2. system.out.print("t/ Age in Minutes: " + ageInMinutes + "n/"); 3. system.out.print("/t Age in Minutes: " + ageInMinutes + "/n"); a. 1 only b. 2 only c. 3 ...
  89. Science
    Each mineral group has a distinct chemical feature, such as A sulfides are a metal combined with sulfur and oxygen B oxides are a metal combined with oxygen C halides are a salt combined with a metallic atom D phosphates are made of phosphate polygons
    How long is a fish DNA?
  91. Science
    Why does pressure change with elevation and depth
  92. Computer Science
    Please suggest corrections to this code: why isn't the loop continuing ANY help is appreciated! #include <iostream> #include <iomanip> using namespace std; int main () { double slope; int yint; int x; double cord; double coordinate(int x, double slope, int yint); ...
  93. Science
    why would a piece of wood float on water and sink in methylated spirit
  94. Science
    Economic importance of noctiluca
  95. Science
    Explain how a mutation in an individual's DNA occurs, and describe the effect it may have on the individual's traits.
  96. science
    Which of the following statements describe acceleration? 1.) an object is speeding up 2.) an object is slowing down 3.) an object changing direction 4.) an object that is at rest -1 and 3 -1,2, and 3*** -all statements
  97. science
    Why are the oldest rocks on earth on continental crusts?
  98. Science
    What is the function of a cell wall? 1.to protect and sopport the cell****** 2.To perform different functions I’m each cell 3.To prevent water from passing through the cel 4.to prevent oxygen from entering the cell
  99. Science
    Which of the following distinguishes living things from nonliving things? A) Living things are made up of cells;nonliving things are not B) Living things are made up of atoms;nonliving things are not. C) Living things are made up of elements;nonliving things are not D) Living ...
  100. Science (PLEASE ANSWER SOON)
    Most bacteria are: A) Unicellular eukaryotes B) Unicellular proaryotes C) Multicellular eukaryotes D) Multicellular proaryotes
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