1. Science
    Which of these is an example of how an abiotic factor affects a biotic factor? 1 Taming of a wild animal, like Cockatoo, for commercial purposes. 2. A fungus infects the population of frogs causing a population decline 3. An increase in rainfall leads to an increase in frog ...
  2. Science
    Which of these is a natural factor that affects the environment? Domestication Oxygen Research Factories My answer is oxygen
  3. Science
    If there's 1 gram of nitrogen (N2) at 1 L and 1 gram of hydrogen (H2) at 1 L, would the pressure of H2 be greater than the pressure of N2? And would the density of H2 = the density of N2 at these conditions? There would be more moles of H2 than N2, but the same mass and volume...
  4. SCIENCe
    1.name the componets of the respiratory system in the order incoming encounter them during breathing. 1.trachea,pharynx,larynx,alveoli,bronchi​ 2.bronchi,larynx,alveoli,trachea,pharynx​ 3.larynx,trachea,bronchi,pharynx,alveoli​ 4.pharynx,larynx,trachea,...
  5. Science
    What would be the best metric unit for measuring how far a horse can run in 10 seconds?
  6. Science
    What can scientists learn from the rate at which radioactive elements decay?
  7. science
    how electron and proton can deflect with same radius
  8. Science-9
    The weight of the nucleus is known as the? atomic mass?
  9. Science
    What would happen to an object if the force of gravity on earth was decreased by half A. It’s mass would decrease B. It’s weight would decrease**** C. It’s density would decrease D. It’s volume would decrease
  10. Science
    What was the particular time period when earth wasn't solid and why isn't it considered a part of Earth's geological history?
  11. Statistics and probability
    A science class has four girls and four boys in the seventh grade and three girls and five boys in the eighth grade the teacher randomly selects a seventh grader and an eighth grader from the class for competition what is the probability that the student she selects are both boys
  12. Science
    Use Ohm’s Law to determine the resistance in a circuit if the voltage is 12.0 volts and the current is 4.0 amps. A.8.0 ohms B. 48 ohms C.3.0 ohms** D.12 ohms
  13. Science
    Granite lasts a long time when it is used for building areas where a. Repeated freezing and thawing is common b. The climate is mostly cool and dry c. Acid rain is common d. The climate is hot and rainy I believe the correct choice is b? Also does anyone have extra links to ...
  14. Science Ecology
    Comparing my answer to the "suggested answer" in the back of the book. Q: Using an example, explain how convection currents are formed. My Answer: Convection currents are formed as a result of different densities in a fluid. For example, in a pot of water, when the water is ...
  15. Science
    Give an exception to this: Bad conductors of heat are also bad conductors of electricity".
  16. Computer Science JAVA
    Project 4 Introduction - the SeaPort Project series For this set of projects for the course, we wish to simulate some of the aspects of a number of Sea Ports. Here are the classes and their instance variables we wish to define:  SeaPortProgram extends JFrame o variables ...
  17. Science
    Would heavy snowfall in the ogallala aquifer region affect the recharge of ghe aquifer over the long term?
  18. Science
    What is the primary land use in the ogallala aquifer area of the U.S?
  19. science
    Question: Why are "apparently" small changes in pH so important in Biology? Answer: pH levels are each a 10-fold change so a change by 2 is actually a change by 1000. pH determines certain characteristics in organisms that allow them to live in certain areas so an alteration ...
  20. Science
    Which represents the correct functional order (first to last) of the human digestive system? A) mouth→esophagus→stomach→large intestine→small intestine→rectum B) mouth→esophagus→stomach→small intestine→large intestine→rectum C) mouth→esophagus→small ...
  21. Science
    Which best explains why children often look like their parents? A) Traits, or characteristics, are passed on to offspring from parents. *** B) Before being born, characteristics of offspring are randomly formed. C) Babies begin to look like their parents as their features ...
  22. Science helppp
    Through the miracles of medicine and technology, researchers have had some success with growing and transplanting hollow, relatively simple organs such as tracheas and bladders. Building organs like the heart and lungs have proved to be much more difficult. . Doctors have had...
  23. physical science
    when a physical change in a sample occurs which of the following does not change? a. shape b. temperature c. volume d. composition d?
  24. physical science
    which of the following are pure substances? a. solutions b. compounds c. homogeneous mixtures d. colloids A?
  25. Science
    How can DNA sequences, Stages of Development and Body Structures be used as evidence of evolution?
  26. Science
    How does one read a cladogram?
  27. Science
    Factors that affect natural selection and evolution.
  28. Science
    A hormone is under negative feedback regulation. This hormone stimulates water retention by the body. Which of the following will happen if water levels in the body get too high? 1) hormone levels will increase 2) hormone levels will decrease 3) antibodies will form 4) the ...
  29. (One more science Question)
    This Is the last one I'm stuck on, I promise, I'm caught between c and d, I think... C right? Because Even If solar power Isn't available at night, Or when It's cloudy, there are ways of storing the energy you get, Right? Which of the following is a problem with using solar ...
  30. I have a few science Questions I need checked, Plz
    Hi Guys, so, I only have 2 questions, But, I'm a little confused on all of them, could someone check for me One of the ways humans can preserve biodiversity Is habitat destruction habitat preservation*** habitat fragmentation poaching A country comissioner wants to reduce the ...
  31. Science
    HOW to convert ethanol into chloroform
  32. math
    A student is building a diamond-shaped kite in his science class. To construct the kite, the student has assembled four congruent right triangle pieces of fabric to form the diamond. The diagonals of the kite are perpendicular to one another. If angle ABC on the side of the ...
  33. Science
    Please explain the outcome of heat transfer between the hotter inner liquid (red) and cooler outer liquid (blue).
  34. Science
    Explain why radiation is happening around the flame while convection only upward.
  35. science
    What happen to the water in the basin when you placed a drop of water?
  36. Science Chemistry
    if 4.35 kj of energy are needed to heat a sample of water from 62C into steam at 100.0C what is the mass of the sample
  37. science
    someone please help with this chemistry question. Describe what happened when Ag+ combined with Na^2CO^3. What does this indicated?
  38. science 6th
    What form of pollution, if any, does each energy source cause? How does the economy influence energy source choices? How does location influence energy source choices?
  39. Science
    A man wakes from sleep, hears a strange noise, becomes alarmed and runs downstairs. Which of the following describes the corresponding events taking place in his nervous system ? 1)sensory neuron>spinal neuro>brain>motor neuron 2)sensory neuron>brain>spinal cord...
  40. Science
    Which of the following sets of terms could be used in a description of the peripheral nervous system? 1)motor neurons 2)brain and spinal cord 3)motor neurons 4)sensory neurons and spinal cord I think #1. Can you check? Thanks.
  41. Science
    The human stomach is an organ that helps us digest food. The stomach is one of many organs involved in the process of digestion. Others include the esophagus, small intestine, pancreas, and gall bladder. What name is given to a set of organs that work together to perform a ...
  42. Science
    15.2% by mass solution of h2o2, density is 1.01g/ml then find the molarity of the sulution.
  43. Science Help
    4. When a fan is turned on, it changes electrical energy into ______ energy. A. motion*** B. magnetic C. gravitational D. electromagnet HELP ME
  44. Math
    There are 24 students in a science class. Mr. Sato will give each pair of students 3 magenta. So far, Mr. Sato has given 9 pairs of students their 3 magnets. How many more magnets does Mr. Sato need so that each pair of students has exactly 3 magnets? Write down an expression.
  45. science
    1. Under which of the following conditions would a fossil most likely form? (1point) a. A living thing dies and sediment is very slowly deposited on top of i’s body. b. A living thing dies and sediment quickly covers its body. <- c. A living thing dies and its skeleton is...
  46. math/science
    a car starts from rest and move at a speed of 30 kph after half an hour.what is the car's acceleration
  47. Science
    before you say "The answers are in your text" I don't have one this is based on memory and guessing. Welcome to the 2017 school system. 1. Objects with like charges ___________ each other while opposite charges ______________ each other. 2. The direction of an electric field ...
  48. Physical Science A
    What daughter product is produced when thallium–206, an isotope of thallium, undergoes beta minus (β–) decay?
    1. Which of the following is true about the electric charges on the objects below? (A) The ball on the right has a Positive charge and the ball on the left has a negative charge.*** (B) The ball on the left has a Positive charge and the ball on the right has a negative charge...
  50. Science
    Lenticels are represent on __________ in plants
  51. Science
    A runner compels one lap around a 300-m oval track, returning to her staring position. What distance does she cover, and what was her displacement? Explain.
  52. Science
    Why does 1 hour and 15 minute is 1.25
  54. science
    Classify the reaction between zinc and acetic acid.
  55. Science
    Still very confused 5. Darth Vader unleashed the power of the DARK SIDE (1225 watts) on the unsuspecting Jedi.If he did 727 joules of work how much time did it take? First I tried to divide it did not make sense then I multiple and did not make sense if I did multiple I would ...
  56. Science
    5. Darth Vader unleashed the power of the DARK SIDE (1225 watts) on the unsuspecting Jedi.If he did 727 joules of work how much time did it take? First I tried to divide it did not make sense then I multiple and did not make sense if I did multiple I would have to convert the ...
  57. Science
    5. Darth Vader unleashed the power of the DARK SIDE (1225 watts) on the unsuspecting Jedi.If he did 727 joules of work how much time did it take? First I tried to divide it did not make sense then I multiple and did not make sense if I did multiple I would have to convert the ...
  58. science
    In an experiment 4.5kg of fuel was completely burnt. The heat produced was measured to be 180,000kg. What is the calorific value of the fuel?
  59. Science
    The two variables of interest in this lab are: "percent change in mass" of bag and "sucrose molarity" in the bag solution. On a graph of these two variables, which would be the independent variable, and which would be the dependent variable?
  60. Science
    Relate the wave speeds of red, orange, yellow, green,blue and violet with the speed of light.
  61. Science
    Explain the relationship between visible light spectra and frequency.
  62. Science
    Explain the relationship between visible light spectra and wavelength.
  63. Science
    Explain the relationship between visible light spectra and energy.
  64. Science
    How many atoms are in 0.64 moles of strontium
  65. Science Help
    Can someone explain how a mutation in an individual's DNA occurs? I have no idea. And what is the effect it may have on the individual's traits? This is for my study guide of science, and I suck at science, but I am to shy to ask my teacher. Yes, I know sooner or later, I will...
  66. 5th grade science
    Can you check the following? 1. Which statement about vascular plants and non-vascular plants is true? a. vascular plants produce seeds and non-vascular plants produce spores b. both plant types produce cones c. both plant types are considered angiospersm d. both plant types ...
  67. character education
    Which language is most commonly used in business and science? French Hebrew English C? Which of the following is MOST likely to be understood by all cultures? images gestures language A?
  68. Science
    1. Under which of the following conditions would a fossil most likely form? (1point) a. A living thing dies and sediment is very slowly deposited on top of i’s body. b. A living thing dies and sediment quickly covers its body. <- c. A living thing dies and its skeleton is...
  69. Science
    Which statement explains why more light-colored fish were found after the water became clearer? A. The dark-colored fish began eating the eggs of the light-colored fish B. More light-colored fish survived long enough to reproduce C. The light-colored fish mated with other ...
  70. science
    which of the following is true about the metal boxes pictured below? A.The magnetic force wil be strongest on box two B.the magnetic force will be weakest on box three C.the magnetic force will be strongest on box one D.the magnetic force will be weakest on box one please ...
  71. Science Project Question
    Soooooo, I have a science project where I have to either create a house, OR A car, powered by solar energy, and then answer questions like, Which renewable energy sources did you use What are the advantages of using those energies So, I guess I just dont really know where to ...
  72. science
    The product of frequency and wavelength of a sound wave is equal to its
  73. Science
    Using the ideal gas equation, determine the number of moles present in a gas if it has a pressure of 2.35 atm, a volume of 1.49 L and a temperature of 40.2 oC. Enter your answer in standard notation.
  74. Science
    you reacted magnesium with a hydrochloric acid aqueous solution and hydrogen gas was produced. Let's say that you collected the gas given off by the reaction and measured it's pressure as 102.1 kPa. If the vapor pressure of water is 16.2 kPa at this temperature, then what is ...
  75. Science
    If the car travel 100 meters once around the racetrack what is it's displacement?????what is the answer??????
  76. Science - Physics
    how much power is in my bicep if i can lift 50kg a height of 50cm 40 times in one minute?
  77. Science
    In an island ecosystem, a species of beetle eats a shrubby plant, a songbird eats the beetle and the hawk eats the songbird. Which of the following would most likely have the smallest population? (a.) Shrubby Plant (b.) Beetle *I chose this* (c.) Songbird (d.) Hawk
  78. Science
    Now it is time to apply and share what you have learned so far about conserving natural resources. Pick one of the renewable resource examples from your graphic organizer. Design a digital poster with information on it that describes how to reduce, reuse, or recycle that ...
  79. Science
    The sun's light travels ninty-three million miles to reach the Earth. A. CONVECTION B. RADIATION C. CONDUCTION
  80. Science/Biology
    What is a characteristic that not all craniates have?
  81. Science
    Which is an example of how people use nonrenewable energy resources? A. Eating a banana B. Sailing a boat C. Walking to school D. Driving a car
  82. science
    A 60-kg cheetah reaches a speed of 30m\s as it chases its prey. What is the kinetic energy of the cheetah? A 900 J B 1,800 J C 27,000 J D 54,000 J MY answer is B
  83. Science: Please Help
    True or false, do animals convert co2 from the atmosphere into carbohydrates?
  84. science
    Two bulbs each of resistance 2.0 ohms are connected in parallel with a battery. Calculate the current flowing through any of the bulbs if the voltage of the battery is 0.2V
  85. Science
    1. The Hertzsprung-Russell diagram below shows how the brightness, surface temperature, and color of stars are related.stars would be * 3 points Captionless Image A Barnard’s Star is less bright than the sun, has a surface temperature below 3,800 K, and is red. * B ...
  86. Marine Science
    What evidence suggests that global climate change is causing the oceans to get warmer? Decreased air temperatures Decreased storm strength Increased sea levels Increased surface ice
  87. Science
    Which word or phrase best describes the function of the urinary bladder? 1)filter 2)storage tank 3)blender 4)passageway I think #4, can you check for me? Thanks.
  88. science
    Directions to the City of Springfield has built a public park around beautiful Cypress Pond. The city has hired you as its lead environmental scientist. Your job is to monitor the impact the new park has on the. Biodiversity of cypress pond. You will need to use information ...
  89. Science help
    Animals convert co2 from the atmosphere into carbohydrates. Is this false?
  90. science!!!!!
    If the net force acting on an object is 0 N, the forces are a)balanced b)unbalanced c)not present d)a result of friction
  91. science
    1.Is the following statement true or false?Solar panels collect energy from the sun that can then power a lamp in a home. A.True B.False 2.Harvesting energy from water,wind,and geothermal vents requries the use of A. aquaculture B.engines C.mines D.turbines 3.which of the ...
  92. science
    whats not an insulator. won't show up on google search.
  93. Science
    How many ml of .150 M Na2CrO4 will be required to oxidise 40 ml of .05M Na2S2O3
  94. Science
    Which energy conversion allows the lamp to light up in your room? plz quick
  95. Science
    Which Energy conversion lets you hear music? Plz give true and right answer.
  96. Science
    Where dose water come from and how?
  97. Science
    Dose Food,Cloth,Rope,Lumber,Paper,, and rubber come from plants?
  98. Science
    Which of the following is true about the electric charges on the objects below. [Picture Shows to Balls Being repelled from each other] A. The ball on the right has a positive charge and the ball on the left has a negative charge B. The ball on the left has a positive charge ...
  99. History
    What could be some examples of peace in the Gupta Empire? I have found that peace allowed for many achievements in science and math. Could someone explain to me more about peace in the Gupta Empire?
  100. science
    How can you tell if a hiker has to hike the steepest elevation? A) The contour lines are evenly spaced. B) The contour lines are spaced farther apart. C) The contour lines are spaced closer together. I really don't know! Please help, God bless you.
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