I just saw this guy post this here and I think he needs help???

A recipe calls for 4 pounds of have 60 ounces of fruit. you have as much fruit as you need?

B.if not,how much more do you need?

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asked by kristin
  1. well, since 4 lbs = 64 oz, the answers should be clear.

    posted by Steve
  2. I don understand this either

    posted by kristin
  3. Mathhelp/Kristin -- you're not fooling us with a name change. Please keep the same name for your posts.

    I thought you were checking your answers. Oh, well, you'll probably understand these problems if you take this course again, Obviously, at this point, this level of math is too hard for you.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  4. C'mon, kristin, think for a second.

    You have 60 oz.
    You need 64 oz.

    Do you think you have enough?

    posted by Steve
  5. I think I do have enough ??

    posted by mathhelp123454
  6. Hmmm. If you need more than you have, do you have enough?

    posted by Steve
  7. no

    posted by mathhelp123454
  8. he will help you mathhelp

    posted by kristin
  9. No you do not have enough fruit because 1 pound equals 16 ounces so multiply 4 by 16 and it equals 64 so you need four more ounces because you only have 60 ounces of fruit

    posted by Natalicious

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