Why was my ? deleted

Why was my question deleted? It had nothing inappropriate, as it was just asking for help on a couple Spanish questions.

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asked by Kailee
  1. yeah me too, i dnt understand

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    posted by shegster
  2. I posted what I put after I turned it in, but I thought we were allowed to do that. I didn't have any help on it, and I wanted to make sure that someone else with the same questions could have some help.

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    posted by Kailee
  3. still dealing with that problem ehh

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    posted by shegster
  4. Posting answers AFTER you've turned something in is unacceptable. It encourages cheating among others. Please don't do this.

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  5. I guess it is a bit annoying to me when I see people post like an entire exam and ask for answers. I'm also doing this course, and I get the need for help, but I am here studying, trying really hard to read and find the answers myself, while some people have the nerve to ask for answers on an entire exam. How are you going to be a good early childhood educator if you can't study and find the answers, actually learn the concepts you are studying. Why cheat at this if it's really your passion. Children deserve our best. We are a huge part of their start in life

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    posted by kayla

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