Cultural Diversity

Hello could you please check my answers thanks. I don't have my book.
People who unite to form a microculture around a physical condition (such as the deaf community) might reject the term "disabled" in reference themselves because they
a. think of their condition as primarily a cultural or linguistic difference
b. equate disability with punishment for violating social or religious taboos
c. believe that the label creates underserved guilt feelings on the part of parents/guardians
d. believe that many so called "able" people are more disabled than they are
I choose (d)
2. An early learning center that emphasizes "product" over "process" would a. threaten most mainstream children b. be child-directed, reflecting self-selection on activities and materials c.ignore the principles of developmentally appropriate d. harmonize with non-mainstream values and practices
I choose (b)
3. An Asian parent may not emulate the early childhood teacher's practice of praising her son for his accomplishments because
a. praising the child might bring him bad luck
b.the parent believes that the absence of criticism is itself an appropriate form of praise c.the child does not wish to be singled out. d. no one has explained to her the positive benefits of this mainstream teaching strategy.
I chose (b)
thanks in advance

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asked by Cabrina
  1. 1. I agree.

    2. I disagree.

    3. I strenuously object to this question!
    Whoever wrote it is ignorant of the fact that Asia is a huge continent with hundreds of different cultures from Turkey, Syria, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Tajikistan, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, North Korea, Vietnam, and China -- plus many more countries.

  2. Hey Ms. Sue thanks for responding!
    Sorry that you are offended about the question number 3. It's wasn't me that wrote it.
    So I see that you disagree with the 2nd answer, can you explain?
    what about 3 is my answer correct?

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    posted by Cabrina

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