Without our two political parties cutting across economic and geographic interests democracy as we know it could never have been made to funtion. The author probably meant to suggest that
a) an important feature of u.s. political system is the broadly based appeal of the two political parties
b) each political party appeals to a different social class
c) only a two-party system can funtion in a democracy
d) political parties in the United States tend to represent sectional interests
e) there is no significant difference between the democratic and republican parties

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  1. What do YOU THINK the answer is and why? Let us know and someone here will comment on your thinking.

    Try the process of elimination so that you can narrow down your choices to what you REALLY have to think about. For example, "e" is clearly off the mark, so cross it off.

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  2. i think is c) but i'm not sure

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  3. Remember to add WHY you think so. Only when we know what you're thinking can we really help you.

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