Andy has 145 coins in his coin bank. THe number of 5-denomination coins is 10 more than twice the number of 10-denomination coins. The difference between the number of 1-denomination coins and 5-denomination coins is 5 more than the number of 10-denomination coins. How many of each kind of coin does he have?

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  1. tens = t
    fives = f
    ones = p
    t+f+p = 145
    f = 10+2t
    p - f = 5 + t so p = 5+f +t
    = 5 + 10+2t + t = 15+3t
    t + 10+2t + 15+3t = 145

    6 t + 25 = 145
    6 t = 120
    t = 20
    p = 15+3(20) = 75
    f = 10+2(20) = 50

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    posted by Damon

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