Ions are eletrically charged particles that are formed when certain compounds are dissolved in water. These solutions will conduct eletricity. The swedish scientist Svante Arrhenius coined the term ion (which means wanderer) to explain why solutions of eletrolytes will conduct an eletric current. when an eletrolyte form into a solution, it dissolves or dissociates into ions, a process called ionization. if a subtance does not ionize, it will not conduct an eletric current. Eletrolytes include most acids, bases and salts. Some conductors include hydrogen and sodium chloride, copper sulfate, and potassium nitrate. subtances that are not eletrolytes include distilled water, sugar water, and most organic compounds. which of the following is a nonelectrolyte?

a) C 3 H 8 (propane gas)
b) H 2 SO 4 (sulfuric acid)
c) HCL (hydrochloric acid)
d) HNO 3(nitric acid)
e) NaCL (table salt)

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  1. This is, once again, a duplicate post that has been answered elsewhere. From the ddescription of electrolytes which you provided this time, you should be able to tell which are electrolytes.

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