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The number 350 is separated into three parts (numbers). Dividing the first number by the third will give 2 and dividing the second number by the pfirst number will give 5 and a remainder of 25. Find the three numbers.

Andy has 145 coins in his coin bank. THe number of 5-denomination coins is 10 more than twice the number of 10-denomination coins. The difference between the number of 1-denomination coins and 5-denomination coins is 5 more than the number of 10-denomination coins. How many of each kind of coin does he have?

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  1. let the three numbers be a , b , and and c

    a/c = 2 ---> a = 2c or c = a/2

    so a + b + a/2 = 350
    3a + 2b = 700

    b/a = 5 + 25/a
    b= 5a + 25

    in 3a + 2b=700
    3a + 10a + 50 = 700
    13a = 650
    a = 50
    b = 275
    c = 25

    50+275+35 = 350 , check!
    50/25 = 2 , check
    275/50 = 5.5 = 5 + 25/50 = 5 + remainder of 25 , check

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    posted by Reiny

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