I've come across a problem while writing my story: since it doesn't take place in modern times - actually, it's more or less a fantasy story - I'm having a hard time creating clothes for my characters. I know that since it's a fantasy, it allows for a lot of creativity and freedom, but for some reason, whenever I sit down to start sketching an idea, I end up feeling like I'm copying some art that I might've seen or looked at for inspiration. Are there any good tips for designing character outfits? Maybe I'm just trying too hard. I know I draw a lot of original things, but they all have some kind of Japanese/kimono spin on them since I'm really into that stuff. That's not what I'm looking for in my story, though.

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asked by Me
  1. I am wondering if clothes are important to your story? In real life, clothes are not important usually, except for defining SOME characters (like the rich girls like Scarlett O'Hara), but honestly, they were just described to amplify the character of the story. So think on this, is it really important?

    Secondly, your readers have to relate to the clothes and understand them, so don't get highly fanciful, it will probably take away from your story.

    Most stories I read clothing is a very minor point in the stories.

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