I am trying to set up and write an essay on the subject of "Perception" I have my outline and have written what I need just don't know how to set it up and make it run together

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asked by Cathy
  1. Let's start with your thesis statement.


    If you post your thesis statement and an outline of your supporting arguments, we'll help you from there.

  2. This paper will help me understand how perception works through doing an analysis of what three observers declared were their perceptions of a photo I showed them.

    First my paper will discuss the three steps of perception and give definitions, second I will provide description of my three observers complete with an explanation as to how their backgrounds might affect their perception of the world. Finally I will delve deeper into what these observers had to say about the photograph I showed them by analyzing their perceptions.

    Main Point one: Explanation of the three steps of perception
    Selecting,Organization, Interpretation.

    Main Point two:Description of my observers and how their backgrounds might affect their perception of the world.( I have all the information for this step)
    Main Point three Analysis of observers' description of the Photo. ( I have all of this information as well)


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    posted by Cathy
  3. How about this??
    Perception drives people every day.What people perceive is usually what they believe, and this is based on what they hear see and think. This paper will help me to understand this better by analyzing the perception of three observers to a photo I showed them.

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    posted by Cathy
  4. That's much better! The third sentence would be better if you say,

    This paper analyzes the perceptions of three observers to a photo.

  5. Thank You Change noted what next

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    posted by Cathy
  6. Now you can write the body of the paper as you described in your earlier post --

    The three steps of perception are . . .

  7. Thank you for your help, I am going to finish my paper now you have been a lot of help!!

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    posted by Cathy
  8. You're very welcome.

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