I'm writing a story from the point of view of an assassin. I'm comfortable with writing the parts about killing and all of that other stuff, but I have no idea how to go about this assassin's main job: tracking. How can he track down a person (in a world where there isn't technology to help)? Surely, him going around and interrogating people would be too obvious? Should he just hang around until he's able to find the victim and where he lives, and then study his schedule to wait for a time he can get the man alone?

I tried doing a Google search, but I can find are Assassin's Creed things. I'll continue to search, but if you have any input, please let me hear it?

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asked by Me
  1. I ran a search for detective work without technology and got mixed results!


    So I re-searched, using detective work not technology, and the results are better:

    Read, read, read ...

  2. http://www.google.com/#q=detective+work+not+technology <~~hot link

  3. ...Well that would've made more sense for me to search. Thank you!

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    posted by Me
  4. Well, I guess assassins track people down, by interrogating people. (Trust me. It wouldn't be obvious. Assassins are smart.)

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  5. You're welcome!

    One thing I had forgotten when I ran that first search is the power of the word "not" in a search string. It's one of several boolean operators that we need to remember to use in order to come up with more focused search results!


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