Practice Dividing by 7

For each dance style , the Step - Up Dance School offers the same number of classes each day . Use the table to solve each problem . (1 week=7 days) Show your work.

Step-Up Dance School
Dance Style. Number of Classes Each Week

Ballet : 70
Salsa: 56
Tango: 42
Ballroom: 63
Tap: 28
Flamenco: 21
Modern: 35
Swing: 49

1/ how many tap dance classes are taught each day at the school?

Answer: 28 divide 7= 4

2/ Brenda wants to take a ballroom dance class on Tuesday. How many classes can she choose from?

Answer: 63 divide 7= 9

3/ how many dance styles have an even number of classes each day?

Answer: 5
Tango: 42
Ballroom: 63
Tap: 28
Flamenco: 21
Swing: 49

4/ Flamenco , sala, and tango are all Spanish dances. Amanda says that Step-Up Dance School offers exactly 21 Spanish dance classes each day . Is she correct?

Answer: No

5/ On Friday , cara took all of the classes offered in two different styles. Oscar took all of the swing classes offered that day . They both took the same number of classes. Which classes did Cara take?

Answer: don't understand..

6/ Last week, Emily took all of the modern classes offered on monday and half of the tango classes offered on Wednesday . How many classes did she take last week?

Answer: 56
56 divide 7=9
Explain: 35+21=56

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  1. 3 is wrong.

    5. There are 7 swing classes a day. Which two styles together offer 7 classes a day? (Hint: 4 + 3)

    6. is wrong.

    The others are right.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. The answers are wrong .
    Help me to solve problems..

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  3. 3. Ballet has an even number of classes a day. 70 / 7 = 10
    I'm sure you can finish this one now.

    6. Since there are 35 modern classes a week, there must be 5 offered each day. Take it from there.

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    Ms. Sue

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