Dog training

4.Which of the following is notconsidered to be a natural, or inherited, ability? A.Nose C.Search B.Pointing D.Delivery to hand 5.Typically, what is the generally recognized maximum distance for a retrieve? A.100 feet C.100 yards B.250 feet D.200 yards 6.Which of the following breeds is notconsidered a versatile hunting breed? A.Pointer C.Weimaraner B.Rhodesian Ridgeback D.Brittany 7.Which of the following is nota characteristic of a good field trial or hunting test dog? A.Finding birds or other game B.Good scenting ability C.Running at the sound of a shot D.Retrieving downed birds from land or water 8.Which stakes may notbe conducted on horseback? A.Puppy Amateur (Walking stakes) B.Amateur All-Age C.Open Gun Dog D.Amateur Gun Dog 9.Which nonsporting breed is eligible to participate in AKC retriever hunting tests? A.Finnish Spitz C.Chow Chow B.Dalmatian D.Standard Poodle 10.Why are AKC Spaniel field trials run in the spring and fall? A.The weather is more moderate. B.More birds are found in those seasons. C.Good cover is available for planting birds. D.Spaniel coats are less likely to pick up debris during those seasons. 11.Which sporting breed was notdeveloped in North America? A.Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever C.Golden Retriever B.American Water Spaniel D.Chesapeake Bay Retriever

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