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I'm writing a response to literature for the story Nadia the Willful and I was wondering how this sounded. And I need a quote from the story for paragraph 3 what would be a good quote.

Coping with death isn’t easy in fact death of a loved one is one of my number one fears. However in the story “Nadia the Willful” by Sue Alexander a girl named Nadia discovers how to help herself and others deal with the suffering and diversity of losing her beloved brother Hamed died.

In the beginning, Nadia was stubborn. She had a corrupt temper and no one but Hamed her eldest brother could calm her down. However one day, Hamed goes on a journey to find new land for the herds. He doesn't return and is assumed dead. Torn by sorrow, Nadia's father, the sheik named Tarik, banned everyone from saying Hamed's name. Nadia learns to control her anger and bring peace to her mind by thinking about Hamed and talking about him, and never forgetting. She persuades her father not to move on or be in rejection and Tarik allows his people to say Hamed's name, because Nadia had, "given him his son back." That how Nadia’s attitude changed from begging to end.

Nadia decides to speak out and stand up to her dad when her dad here’s her talking to a sheep herder. He declares he be sent to the desert. However Nadia knew that her dad was wrong to punish the herder because that was the same death her brother went through so Nadia knew it was wrong so stood up to her father and said this isn’t how you cope with death and tells him that talking about him actually helps and her dad admits that it feels good to talk about him.

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  1. Please proofread carefully and get rid of your obvious mistakes -- spelling, runon sentences, and things that don't make sense. If you repost youf corrected essay, someone may be able to help you.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. this is a good paper... unless if its a character analysis then its not that good.

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