Thank you very mych

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asked by Keeley
  1. You don't explain the labeling very well, but I get that
    AC is divided into 5+11
    CE is divided into 11+4
    AE is divided into 4+5

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    posted by Steve
  2. but whats x ?

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    posted by Keeley
  3. Who knows ?
    You don't mention x in your description.

    You don't mention where B, D, and F are located, but I must have labeled mine the same way as Steve, since I got his answers as well.

    What still has to be found is AD

    In triangle ACE
    9^2 = 16^2 + 15^2 - 2(15)(16)cosC
    you should get cosC = 5/6
    (don't find the actual angle)

    in triangle ACD
    AD^2 = 11^2 + 16^2 - 2(11)(16)cosC
    = 251/3

    AD = √(251/3) or appr 9.15

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    posted by Reiny
  4. I assumed AD was a typo, or due to label discrepancy, since the subject is the tangents, which are of length 4,5,11.

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    posted by Steve
  5. How do you find 4,5, and 11 though?

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    posted by Bebe

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