1. A period in literature governed by a particular set of ideas , concerns or characteristics is
A. literature of exploration
B. national literature
C. a literary outline
D. a literary movement

2, which literary movement ended around the time of the civil war?
A. american romanticism
B. american relaism
C. american classicism
D. american regionalism

3. which of the following was influenced by Thomas Paine's common sense?
A. the puritan sermon
B. the great awakening
C. the American revolution
D. the Civil war
4. Emily wingspaninson's poetry is frequently written in which of the following forms?
A. free verse
B. Iambic pentameter
C. rhymed couplets
D. prose

5. which two authors wrote narratives of their journy to america ?
A. Edgar Allan Poe and Walt Whitmen
B. Patrick Henry and Thomas pain
C. Olaudah Equiano and William Bradford
D. Jonathan Edwards and Phillis Wheatly

6. Ambrose Bierce and Edgar Allan Poe share stylistic similarities despite being part of two distinct literary movements ,
A. Realism and Romaticism
B. classicism and colonialism
C. Puritanism and gothic romance
D. romanticism

7. The arrgangement of stressed and unstressed syllables in a poem is the
B. rhythm
C. form

8. according to Fred Veillux, what are Native American mascots ?
A. Stereotypes of Native americans
B. emblems of Native american culture
C. methods for understanding Native American history
D. realistic copies of Native American art

9. Which of the following is a theme of "young goodman brown"?
A. Its better to be patient then happy
B. Sadness leads to wisdom
C. The truth is often hidden
D. its better to be lucky than good

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  1. D
    Thank You.

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  2. I can't read stuff like this ... scrolling up and down, up and down.

    Indicate your answer WITH each question by using (X), and then maybe someone will be able to help.

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  3. Why is everyone in this dang website so rude. Just answer the question or leave

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  4. I thought this site was to help people xD I'm looking at you "Writeacher"

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