1. What is the quality of the triad if the bottom third is minor and the top third is major?

A) Major
B) Minor
C) Augmented
D) Diminished

2. Which part of the triad is in the lowest voices?

A) Root
B) Third
C) Fifth
D) Seventh

3. In a major key, which quality is the triad built on scale degree 5?

A) Major
B) Minor
C) Augmented
D) Diminished

Please help fast!!!! :D Thanks!

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asked by Jasmine
  1. I still need that fast!!! :'(

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    posted by Jasmine
  2. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    posted by Jasmine
  3. Because you guys didn't help, I failed...hope your happy...

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    posted by Jasmine
  4. YES

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