Spanish 2 Help!

Fill in the blamks with the appropriate pronoun and conjugated reflexive verb.

1.)Tu_____ ______ el pelo (peinarse)
Bank 1=
Blank 2=

2.)Raul y Sarita no___ ___ afeitarse)
Blank 1=
Blank 2=

3.)No prefiero_____el pelo.(lavarse)
Blank 1=

4.)Elena____ ____a las 10:00(acostarse)
Blank 1=
Blank 2=

5.)Juan y yo ____ ___a las 8:00.(despertarse)
Blank 1=
Blank 2=

asked by Sara
  1. If you post your answers, I'll ask SraJMcGinn, our Spanish expert, to check them.

    posted by Ms. Sue

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