Below are some of the powers of the legislative branch: Can impeach and remove the president, Creates lower federal courts, overrides presidential vetoes, and appropriates money. Which constitutional power of the legislative branch is missing from this list?
A) appoints federal judges
B) declares executive actions unconstitutional
C) grants pardons to federal offenders
D) ratifies treaties

Please help quickly... >.< Thanks!

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  1. Are you sure Ms. Sue? Because I thought that the Executive Branch appointed federal judges...

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  2. Technically, none of those answers is correct.

    The executive branch appoints federal judges, but they must be approved by the legislative branch.

    The executive branch ratifies treaties, but they, too must be approved by the legislative branch.

    Both B and C are wrong.

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    Ms. Sue
  3. That is why I needed help with this question. It's like a 50/50 chance. I'ma go with D, Ratifies treaties. Thank you for your help though! :D

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  4. Be sure to check your book.

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    Ms. Sue
  5. I just completed it and I was correct. It was D. Thank you for your help! Sadly, I don't have a book for this course... :'( But thanks again!!! :D

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  6. Yes, in fact, it is

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  7. Sorry didn't finish my answer LOL, but yes the correct answer is D, ratification.

    'Two-thirds of both houses of Congress voted for proposal. Then three-fourths of the state legislatures voted to ratify, making the amendment part of the Constitution. Each state makes its own schedule. Therefore, a proposed amendment could wait months or years for ratification.' - Connexus Acad

    Highlight, Congress votes for the proposal of the ratification.

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  8. The legislative branch checks the power of the judicial branch by

    appointing federal judges
    dissolving federal courts
    declaring judicial actions unconstitutional
    impeaching and removing judges
    i have no idea

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