1. If ΔRST symbol ΔNPQ, then RT line is congruent to _____. (1 point)
line NP
line NQ
line PQ
line QP
2. Given RST NPQ, RT = 7x – 5, NQ = 5x + 11, find the length of RT and of NQ. (1 point)
3. Which of the following statements is true about the triangles below?

kite (1 point)
triangleABC ≅ triangleABD by SSS
triangleABC ≅ triangleABD by ASA
triangleABC ≅ triangleABD by SAS
triangleABC ≅ triangleABD by AAA
4. ΔTIC is an isosceles triangle with vertex angle I. If the ∠I = 70º , then find the measure of ∠T. (1 point)
True or False
5. All equilateral triangles are acute. (1 point)
Short Answer

Your teacher will grade your responses for questions 7–15, to ensure that you receive proper credit for your answers.
6. What are the missing reasons in the two-column proof?

Given: MO bisects symbolPMN and OM bisects symbolPON
Prove: GEOMA S 4 1 Q8 1PMOcongruent GEOMA S 4 1 Q8 1NMO

Question 6 (6 points)

7. Supply the reasons missing from the proof shown below.

S Geom A_04_09_Q7_Proof (2 points)

8. What is the value of x ?

DEF (1 point)

9. Is symbolPQS symbol symbolRQS by HL? If so, name the legs that allow the use of HL.

question 9 (2 points)

10. Name a pair of triangles in the figure and state whether they are congruent by SSS, SAS, ASA, AAS, or HL.

Given: S Geom A_04_09_Q10_NP OM MN PO Question 10 (3 points)

11. Write a paragraph proof.

Given: BC symbol EC and AC symbol GEOMA S 4 3 Q8 3
Prove: segment BAsymbol linesegmentED

Question 11 (5 points)

12. Given symbolIFN symbol symbolSJP, name all the pairs of corresponding parts. (6 points)

13. Using the words from the word list, name all the parts of the isosceles triangle in the diagram below. Some words may be used more than once.

Question 13 (6 points)

14. What does CPCTC represent and when would you use it? (2 points)

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  1. Open the book and learn the material. The examples in the textbook you have are pretty easy to follow and correspond to what you are asked on the assessments. HS math is not so difficult that you cannot get at least 60% of the material by your own work with a little effort. Have pride in your education - it is a free gift you are given that most in this world can only dream of. When you get your diploma you deserve to feel that you earned it, not that you had to cheat to get it.

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  2. Education is no longer a gift it is forced on us and the are consequences if you do not participate in it. I do not advise cheating but education now day is unconstitutional. We have the right to education not the mandatory education, it does not even sound right in a sentence. Education is no longer a gift its a chore. Take a good thing and make it bad that's the government in a nut shell.

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  3. nothing but facts^^ School isn't even about learning any more, it's about passing.

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  4. also why do they even have these type of websites if people like you wont help the people in need.

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  5. And it's not free if it was my household wouldn't be near 3,000 in the hole every month most of our money goes into school and guess what they continue to take more and more so how is that for your "free education"

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  6. thats so true, especially with homeschooling, you have to learn things you dont need in like like how messed up is that

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  7. yeah I won't remember a quarter of what I have learned through out my 15 years of life by the time I get in to college

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  8. Can I get the answers tho I gotta complete tomorrow’s work by tonight and I ain’t got the time to study lol

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  9. I'm really glad we're having philisopical conversations here on good ole but does anyone have the answers to these or nah

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  10. So no answer...

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  11. 1.D
    11-16. You're on your own

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  12. Bruh, Taco Bell is so wrong. this dude here is trying to oof up our lives

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  13. finished the test btw, and Taco Bell got the following questions wrong:
    3, 4, 8, 9 and 10. if you are taking the Unit 5 Lesson 10 test these are the correct answers.
    1. If RST = NPQ, which of the following is true?
    correct answer: D. <T = <Q

    2. Given RST = NPW, m<R= -7x+9, m<N = -10x, find m<R and m<N.
    correct answer is A. 30

    3. which of the following statements is true about the triangles below?
    Correct answer is B. ABC = ABD by ASA

    4. TIC is an isosceles triangle with a vertex angle I, if the measure of <I =140, then find the measure of <T
    correct answer is A. 20

    5. true or false, All right triangles are isosceles.
    correct answer is B. FALSE

    if you are getting the same questions as me so far, here are the rest of the answers:

    6. D
    7. B
    8. D
    9. A
    10. C
    11-16 is too much to type for me, so you'll be on your own for that.

    now I understand that people can have different questions from others, so please don't get mad at me if you had a different question then me and think I was giving you bad answers, only use my answer sheet IF NESSESARY. other than that, good luck to you guys, I wish you the best of luck to pass through this school.

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  14. now if the post that I made above gets over 15 likes, i'll waste an hour of my life and try my best to help you guys through questions 11-16, (which should be questions that require you to type btw)

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  15. please bruh, im taking it right now, i have a whole body aching cough, my whole body is sore, i just need to finish this test and I'll be home free... I'll try my best so do it on my own but i need your help dude

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  16. nevermind i finished it, got a few wrong but whatever

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  17. For lesson 10 unit 6 congruent triangles unit test, connections
    11-16 your on your own

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