math correction

graphing :

y = 3/4x +2

the points i have are:

(-3, -1/4), (-2,1/2),(-1,1 and 1/4)0,2),(1, 2 and 3/4),(2, 3and 1/2)(3, 4 and 1/4),(4,5)

Question: If you graphed this...did the points fall on the line? If they did, they have to be points on the line.

graphing :

y = 3/4x +2

the points i have are:

(-3, -1/4), (-2,1/2),(-1,1 and 1/4)0,2),(1, 2 and 3/4),(2, 3and 1/2)(3, 4 and 1/4),(4,5)

so i should pick points that have whole numbers.

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