Concrete highway slabs are poured in lengths of 9.00m .

Part A
How wide should the expansion gaps between the slabs be at a temperature of 22∘C to ensure that there will be no contact between adjacent slabs over a temperature range of -25 ∘C to 48∘C?

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  1. α=12•10⁻⁶ K⁻¹
    T₁=22° T₂=-28°, T₃= 48°
    ΔT₁ = T₃-T₂ = 48-(-25) = 73°
    ΔT₂ =48-22 = 26°
    ΔL₁=L αΔT₁=9•12•10⁻⁶•73=0.0079 m
    If the slabs are in contact at 48° =>
    they are at 0.0079 mm at -25°
    ΔL₂=L αΔT₂ = 9•12•10⁻⁶•26=0.0028 m
    ΔL= ΔL₁-ΔL₂=
    =0.0079-0.0028=0.0051 m=5.1 mm (at 22°)

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