(This is from Young Goodman Brown)

What can be inferred about the companion's character in lines 8 and 9?

"Faith kept me back awhile," replied the young man, with a tremor in his voice, caused by the sudden appearance of his companion, though not wholly expected."

He is annoying to Goodman Brown.
He is a stranger to Goodman Brown.
Goodman Brown knows him.
Goodman Brown angers him.

My guess would be "Goodman Brown knows him" because he said, "not wholly unexpected," meaning he wasn't surprised when he saw him.

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  1. Or does he mean the tremor in his voice was unexpected?

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  2. I believe you are correct.

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  3. Excuse me, I mean the tremor in his voice was NOT unexpected.

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  4. I know for sure it isn't the first or last one.

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  5. Now,I'm not sure. I have to re-think this one....

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  6. The best answer is

    Goodman Brown knows him.

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    Ms. Sue
  7. That's where I was getting confused. What was unexpected? The tremor in his voice, or the companion? Can Ms. Sue help me?

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  8. Oh, I just now saw your comment. Thank you!

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  9. The companion was not unexpected.

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    Ms. Sue
  10. So I was right! the answer was C.

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  11. Answers 1-12 for the American Romanticism Test for CA students.
    1.C Urged
    2.B Moving
    3.C Solitude
    4.B Clear
    5.C Intelligent
    6.D Lands
    7.C Similar
    8.A To go Beyond
    9.C New
    10. The Devil
    11. C Goodman Brown Knows Him
    12. A He is humble toward powerful leaders.

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  12. The last answer, answers are WRONG!!

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  13. They probably not wrong but there can be different questions so just make sure you read them first.

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  14. I believe number 4 is bright not clear

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  15. american romanticism includes all of the following genres except
    a. short stories
    b. journals
    c. poetry
    d. sermons

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  16. I had a hard time with this test. So imma help the people who vist this page to find the answers. Or at least the people in Connexus Academy. Lesson 10: American Romanticism Test. Unit 2: American Romanticism.

    The road free wilder and DREARIER
    Answer: darker
    But irreverently consisting with these grave reputable and like people were men of DISSOLUTE lives and women of spotted fame
    Answer: wicked
    It was a VOLUPTOUS scene that masquerade
    Answer: pleasurable
    That at the eastern extremity was hung for example in the blue and VIVIDLY blue were it's Windows
    Answer: bright
    There arose at length from the whole company a buzz or murmur expressive of DISAPPROVATION and surprise
    Answer: criticism
    .....ths apartments were so irregularly DISPOSED That the vision embraced but little more than one at a time....
    Answer: arranged
    Which of the following words is the Greek root word for symmetry
    Answer: similar
    Which of the following is the root meaning of transcendentalism
    Answer: to go beyond
    In the word neoclassicism the Greek prefix neo mean
    Answer: new
    From this passage the reader can infer that young Goodman browns companion is
    Answer: the devil
    Which of the following can be inferred about the companions character in lines 8 and 9
    Answer: Goodman Brown knows him
    Which of the following can be inferred about companion in lines 15-17
    Answer: he is more unusual than he first appears
    13: the title, the result of much hard work, was one of many Ashe would win
    14: Charlie Chaplin, a former stage actor, began his film career in 1914
    15: the vacation, the longest of my childhood, took one month
    16:presidential candidate Abarham Lincoln had just won the election
    Which of the following authors is an American Romanticist
    Answer: Edgar Allen poe
    Which of the following statements about American Romantic poetry is NOT true
    Answer: It followed a fixed rhyme scheme

    I do not know if the following are correct since it has yet to be graded:

    My transcendentalist world view is evident in my journal Walden
    Answer: Hendry David Thoreau
    I am hailed the father of free verse
    Answer: Walt Whitman
    A succession of loud and shrill screams bursting suddenly from the throat of the chained form seemed to thrust me violently back.....
    Answer: Edgar Allen Poe
    The sexton stood in the porch of Milford meeting house pulling busily at the bell rope the old people of the village came stooping along the street....
    Answer: Nataniel Hawthore

    There are two other questions but I can't give those to you!! Good luck!!

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