Study the image of the fossil shown below. How might a scientist use this fossil to learn more about the history of life on Earth?

connexus dot com/content/media/917517-4162013-72829-PM-1012149111.jpg

to compare structures in the fossil with homologous structures in other vertebrates.

to look for vestigial structures in the fossil and compare them with functioning structures in living organisms.

to examine the fossil for evidence of the stages of embryological development of the animal to compare to development of living animals.

to determine the mineral content of the fossil and compare it with that of other fossils.

Is it the first one?

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  1. I believe so! Are you taking the test or quiz?

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  2. yes we are taking the test

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  3. 1a
    These are real *NOT FAKE* trust me also trust no one so dont trust me there are clearly fake... But frl frl trust in me.

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  4. yes

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  5. Is it correct the @Anime boi

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    posted by Izzy

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