music help

what does neumes and color lines show?

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  1. From Mme (SraJMcGin):

    In music, neumes are written on a 4-line staff, both on the lines and spaces, and they were used in Western & Eastern musical notation prior to the invention of the 5-line staff notation. (the word comes from the Greek word for breath indirectly ) They are used in Byzantine music, Slavic chant,Gregorian Chant, in some Spanish music, in Buddhist chant.

    In the 14 century in Italy, colors were used - staff lines were red, clef signs and text were black. Other colors in other countries.

    Suffice it to say they are “musical notation” used in sheet music to represent aurally perceived music through the use of ancient or modern musical symbols.

    Wiki Answers says they answer the question: Which elements of music were represented by neumes and colored lines and F or C or G clef?
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  2. what does nuemes on a 4 line staff with F,C, or G cleff show?

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    posted by ilene
  3. I dont know

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  4. whay the hell dont you

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    posted by y dnt u
  5. edfwefddwfd

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