1.) In a shipment of alarm clocks, the probability that one alarm clock is defective is 0.04. Charlie selects three alarm clocks at random. If he puts each clock back with the rest of the shipment before selecting the next one, what is the probability that all three alarm clocks are defective?

2.) A builder has 8 lots available for sale.

·Six lots are greater than one acre.
·Two lots are less than one acre.

What is the probability that the next three lots sold will be greater than one acre?

3.) A cafeteria has 5 turkey sandwiches, 6 cheese sandwiches, and 4 tuna sandwiches. There are two students in line and each will take a sandwich. What is the probability that the first student takes a cheese sandwich and the next student takes a turkey sandwich? 2/15

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  1. Wait actually nevermind haha I figured them out:)

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  2. Nice, good job.

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