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I plan on attending a college in the fall with a tution of $26,000, needless to say I cannot afford this and my parents are in no situation to assist. If anyone knows of any websites that have info/applications for scholarships I would be most greatful. I do not mind writing essays either, I will do what it takes to be able to attend. Thanks to all. -Kellie

See your school counselor immediately. He or she should have the applications forms or be able to tell you how to get them. It may already be too late for you to apply to most of the better schools - even public ones -for the next academic year. Financial aid application deadlines are sometimes earlier than the deadlines for applications to attend. (I had this problem at the university I attended, and had to pay full tuition the first year even though I was accepted). Make sure SAT scores are sent to the schools you want to apply to. Most still require them.

#1 ~~ DrWLS is right -- start with your school counselor.

#2 ~~ In addition, the College Board's website has a section that can help you with scholarship searches:
(Green section at the right.)

#3 ~~ You can also find other scholarship search websites if you use Google, but be very careful -- do NOT use any that require you to enter a credit card number or commit any money. Searches should be free.


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asked by Kellie
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