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Thanks can you check one more

If it takes 105 calories to warm 100g of aluminium from 20oC to 25oC, what is the specific heat of aluminium?

Q = MxdeltaTxC

105cal = 100gx (5oC) x C

C = .21 cal/gCo

we get points off if we do not show our work and just give the answer

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  1. The number looks good to me. I suggest you write it as 0.21 cal/g*C. It's good practice to place a 0 before the decimal; sometimes people tend to overlook the decimal, especially if their eye sight is failing.

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  2. dr bob

    does the o go over the g or the C

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  3. Answered above.

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  4. how many joules are absorbed by a pot of water with a mass of 500g in order to raise the temperature from 20°c to 30°c

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  5. The specific heat of water is 1.0cal/g celsius, or 4.2 joules/g celsius.
    There's 500g of water. 500*1=500
    You want to raise the temperature by 10 degrees celsius.
    You need 5000 calories in order to raise the temperature.

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