Earth space science

I need help with this. the map doesnt show anything and idk how to post the map on here...

Match the cities A,B,C, and D with the weather description of the surface model (To the right of each letter)

a. city A
b. City B
c. City C
d. City D

A. Pressure of 1015.1 and south east winds.
B. No clouds and unlikely to rain
C. Thunder storms and complete cloud cover
D. Light winds from south and complete cover

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  1. Well lets say For city A; 57. 156. 53
    b;61. 135. 56
    c; 58,136. 11
    d; 67.65.198

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  2. what are these things even called

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  3. anybody have an answer?

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  4. ive been waiting 3 years...

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  5. Since y’all don’t know how to help nobody the answer is

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