Solar Energy

a) Consider a lead acid battery with 100Ah capacity and a rated voltage of 24V.

What is the total capacity of energy in Watt-hours that can be stored in the battery?

b) Assume that the battery is completely empty. The battery is now charged at a C-rate of 0.50C. What is the charging current in Amps that is going into the battery?

c) How much time in minutes will it take for the battery to go from 50% SOC to 100% SOC, assuming a constant C-rate of 0.5C? You may assume a linear rate of charging.

d) If the battery is charged at an average constant voltage of 26V, and discharged at an average constant voltage of 23.4V, what is the voltaic efficiency of the battery in %? :

e) If the battery takes in a total charge of 100Ah, and discharges a total of 90Ah over one charge cycle, what is the coulombic efficiency of the battery in %? :

f) What is the roundtrip efficiency of storage in % for the battery? Assume the same voltaic efficiency and coulombic efficiency as you calculated above.

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  1. a: 2400
    b: 50
    c: 60
    d: 90

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  2. e: 90

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  3. a)2400

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