Can someone please check my answers?
*Cross out any prepositional phrase. Underline the subject once and the verb/verb phrase twice. Write Adv. above adverbs. Put infinitives in parenthesis. Not doesn't need to be listed as an adverb.

1.Without hesitation, the rabbit hopped underneath some brush. (subject- rabbit verb- hopped prepositional phrase- without hesitation, underneath some brush)

2.Dad looked above the stove for a fire extinguisher. (subject-dad verb-looked prepositional phrase-above the stove, for a fire extinguisher)

3.The readers searched among the shelves for books about frogs and toads. (subject-readers verb-searched prepositional phrase-among the shelves, for books about frogs and toads)

4.Clean the glass under the coffee table with this sponge.(subject-you verb-clean prepositional phrase-under the coffee table, with this sponge)

5.Before the parade, everyone walked toward the town square. (subject- everyone verb- walked prepositional phrase-before the parade, toward the town square)

6.The company has displayed all of its products but the new cleaner. (subject-company verb-has displayed prepositional phrase-of its products, but the new cleaner)

7.Your jacket has fallen down behind the green flowered sofa. (subject- jacket verb-has fallen adverb- down prepositional phrase-behind the green flowered sofa)

8.Place these washcloths and towels in the cupboard beneath the sink. (subject- you verb-place prepositional phrase-in the cupboard, beneath the sink)

9.Their grandparents from Colorado stay inside during the winter. (subject- grandparents verb-stay adverb-inside prepositional phrase- from Colorado, during the winter)

10. Yesterday, the skater fell down and rolled off the low curb. (subject- skater verb-fell, rolled prepositional phrase-off the low curb adverb- down)

11.Mis Jones and her friend walk past the park on their way to the gym. (subject-Miss Jones, friend verb- walk prepositional phrase- past the park, on their way, to the gym)

12. The athlete jumped over a hurdle and darted for the finish line.(subject-athlete verb-jumped, darted prepositional phrase-over a hurdle, for the finish line)

13.Insects like grasshoppers, centipedes, and dragonflies don't scare them. (subject-insects verb-do scare prepositional phrase- like grasshoppers, centipedes, and dragonflies)

14.At the beginning of the class, Mrs. Harmon talked about the Middle East. (subject-Mrs. Harmon verb- talked prepositional phrase-at the beginning, of the class, about the Middle East)

15.The chimney sweep laid his tools against the fireplace and peered up the chimney. (subject- sweep verb-laid, peered prepositional phrase- against the fireplace, up the chimney)

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  1. All are correct except #13 (you've missed the adverb there) and #15 ("chimney sweep" is a compound noun in open form: http://grammar.ccc.commnet.edu/grammar/compounds.htm ).

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