Javier rode his bike for a total of 41 minutes. Before lunch, he rode for 1 minute less than 5 times the number of minutes he rode after lunch. How many minutes did Javier ride before lunch?

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  1. If after lunch he rode x minutes, then

    (5x-1)+x = 41

    so, he rode 34 minutes before lunch.

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  2. Together , tom and max have 72 football cards. Tom has 2 more than 4 times as many cards as max has. How many football cards does tom have .

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  3. i don't understand

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  4. 34

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  5. The answer is 34

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  6. Sue scored a total of 35 points in two games.
    She scored 6 times as many points in the
    second game as in the first. How many more
    points did she score in the second game?

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  7. In Sean’s fish tank, there are 6 times as
    many goldfish as guppies. There are a total
    of 21 fish in the tank. How many more
    goldfish are there than guppies?

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