There are 12 baby rabbits at the pet store. The manager lets Gabriella feed vegetables to the rabbits as treats. She has 5 1/4 ounces of parsley today. She wants to give each rabbit the same amount. How much parsley does each rabbit get?

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  1. 5 (1/4) / 12

    (21/4) * (1/12) = 21/48 = 7/16 ounce for each rabbit

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    Ms. Sue

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  3. 21/21

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  4. #nodonaldtrump 💩💩💩💩

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  5. 7/16

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  6. oMggGGGGGggGGGg

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  7. I do not get it!!

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  8. You do 12 divided by 5 1/4 to get 48/21 which is equivalent to 2 6/21 which is your answer. 2 6/21 parsley for each.

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