Algebra 1 (Ms. Sue or Steve or Reiny)

I cannot solve these, no matter how much I have desperately tried. I must complete this quickly! Can anyone assist me, please?

1. A store manager is accepting applications for part-time workers. He can hire no more than 14 people. So far, he has hired 9 people. Write and solve an inequality to determine how many more people the manager can hire.

2. 4/5h => -2

3. A designer is creating shirts that each have 12 buttons. She bought a container of 115 buttons and plenty of fabric. What are the possible numbers of shirts she can make?

4. 4/5h => -2

5. Marla participates in a triathlon consisting of swimming, biking, and running. Would a graph of Marla's speed during the triathlon be a connected graph or distinct points? Explain.

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  1. Oh. I am sorry. I must have typed one of the equations twice.

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  2. 1. So he can hire up to 5 more people

    0 ≤ x ≤ 5, where x is the number of people still to be hired.

    (4/5)h ≥ -2
    times 5
    4h ≥ -10
    divide by 4
    h ≥ -5/2

    mmmh, what is 115/12 ?
    Will she have enough buttons to make 10 shirts?

    5. Depending on the "transition time" I would have 3 lines, the 2nd linked to the end of the 1st, and the 3rd linked to the end of the 2nd.

    If there is a time lapse, e.g between the swim and getting on her bike, I would have a gap between the end of the 1st and the start of the 2nd

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    posted by Reiny

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