5. Identify the simple subject in the sentence "There are too many people on this elevator."

A. many
B. people
C. There
D. elevator

I picked B, because people is the subject and the verb is are. This places the verb before the subject, since the subject of a sentence doesn't always come before the verb. Am I right?

16. What is the purpose of the following sentence?

I think it would be best to study the problem carefully.

A. It makes a statement.
B. It gives a command.
C. It shows strong emotion.
D. It raises a questions.

I picked A, because a declarative sentence makes a statement. This sentence is not an imperative sentence that gives a command. A exclamatory sentence would have exclamation points, since it expresses emotion. An interrogative sentence asks a question and this statement does not have a question mark. Is that correct?

19. Either Mark or his students _______ on the ferry boat.

19. If you want to use the present tense, which word would best fill the blank?

A. is
B. were
C. was
D. are

I picked D, because the subject Mark is singular and the subject students are plural, so the verb should agree with students, since it is the closest to the plural subject. Is this correct?

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  1. Great! All of your answers are correct.

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    Ms. Sue

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