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1. What type of car is more popular among college students, American or foreign? One hundred fifty-nine college students were randomly sampled and each was asked which type of car he or she prefers. A computer package was used to generate the printout below for the proportion of college students who prefer American automobiles.


UPPER LIMIT = .464240
LOWER LIMIT = .331153

What point estimate for the proportion of students prefer foreign automobiles?
A) .0.388630
B) .464240
C) .331153
D) .0.61137

I am having trouble answering this problem? I don't know where to begin.

2. A marketing research company is estimating which of two soft drinks, Mountain Dew or Coke, college students prefer. A random sample of 88 college students produced the following 95% confidence interval for the proportion of college students who prefer Mountain Dew: (0.071, 0.093)

Is the sample size large enough for the interval to be valid?
A) No, the sample size is too small.
B) Yes, the sample was randomly selected from an approximately normal population.
C) No, since mathml equation the sample size is not large enough.
D) Yes, since we know that there are more than 880 college students.

I would say D is the answer because of the population size. Please check my answer. Thx!

asked by Michael
  1. 1. The best point estimate for p is the sample proportion. Answer: A

    2. I agree with your choice.

    posted by MathGuru

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