prove the statement Angle ABD is a right angle and Angle CBE is a Right Angle and prove Angle ABC is Congruent to Angle DBE

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  1. Without a diagram, we have no idea what the letters mean.

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  2. Because it is given that q ║ r and r ║ s, then q ║ s by .... 11) GIVEN: n || m, ∠1 ≅ ∠2. PROVE: p || r. Statements. Reasons. 1) n || m. 1. ... 13) Write a paragraph proof. Given: ,. ,. a b a. b m. ⊥. ⊥. Prove: m. PROOF: a ll b and a f l .... PROOF: SINCE WE ARE GIVEN THAT a ll c and b ll c, then a ll b by the TRANSITIVE.

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