I have subscribed with home work site" called Internet Secrets ,they offer you to design for you a web ready web site with they secrets how to publish your site and make it attractive and to make money with this site by google adsense and clicbank
The first step they suggest to have a domain web site by "IPOWER" web hosting company this what i do I paid them 120$ for a domain web site,
the problem is that I begin to suspect that this company"Internet Secrets" is a fraud and they are not exist because I send them an e-mail to ask them what the next step <they reply with strange answer !!
My question is if " Internet Secrets is not true home work " what I can do with my domain web site? Doyou have suggestions , if any company can design a ready site to me ? then by myself I can add google ads or clickbank <or any other suggestion ………..Please help I need to start working, I have health problem prevents me to work outside the home and I paid 120$ for the web site

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asked by andro
  1. I know this was almost 11 years ago but dude, I think you got scammed. 😂 sorry dude. Loosing $120 sucks. 🤷🏼‍♂️

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    posted by 3 days

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