Can someone please check my answers? I'll write the directions above them. *Underline the subject once and the verb/verb phrase twice. Place each infinitive in parenthesis. 1. After dinner the guests desire to enjoy some coffee. (subject- guests verb- desire infinitive- to enjoy) 2.His uncle pretended to twist his arm. (subject- uncle verb- pretended infinitive- to twist) 3. The diplomat waited to hear the end of the speech. (subject- diplomat verb- waited infinitive- to hear) 4. The cheerleader ran to catch the bus for the game. (subject- cheerleader verb- ran infinitive- to catch) 5. Before the game the spectators rose to sing the national anthem. ( subject- spectators verb- rose infinitive- to sing) 6. A few of the guests at the wedding wanted to dance with the bride. ( subject- few verb- wanted infinitive- to dance) *Cross out any prepositional phrases. Underline the subject once and the verb/verb phrase twice. 1. Do you live near to me? ( subject - you verb- live prepositional phrase- near me)2. The secretary and the accountant walked around and found the missing notebook in the trash can. ( subject- secretary, accountant verb- walked prepositional phrase- in the trash can) 3. The oven has been turned off for an hour and thirty minutes. ( subject- oven verb- has been turned prepositional phrase- off for and hour)

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asked by Jane
  1. All your answers are correct except you missed a few things in the last three sentences.

    1. Verb: do live

    2. Verb: walked, found

    3. Prepositional phrase: for an hour and thirty minutes

  2. Thank you for checking my answers! :-)

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    posted by Jane
  3. You're very welcome. You have a great command of English grammar!

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