Biology 101

1. Which of the following statements is incorrect about homologous chromosomes?
a. Homologous chromosomes are similar but not identical
b. Homologous chromosomes have the same size and function
c. Homologous chromosomes contain genes for the same kind of protein products
d. Homologous chromosomes cannot be duplicated

When a human cell undergoes meiosis, the resulting daughter cells
a. Are diploid
b. Have identical genes
c. Differ in their genetic combinations
d. Have genes identical to the parental cells

2. Which of the following cells contains two sets of chromosomes (i.e. diploid cell)?
a. Zygote b. Gamete c. Sperm cell d. Egg cell e. Spermatid

3. In a species of tigers, Y = yellow fur (dominant) B = brown eyes (dominant)
y = black fur (recessive) b = gray eyes (recessive)
Which of the following is a cross between a male that is homozygous dominant for fur color, homozygous recessive for eye color and a female that is heterozygous for both characters?
a. YyBb x YYBb b. YyBb x yybb c. YYbb x YyBb d. YYBB x yybb

4. Birds of one particular species produce pigments that allow them to see only gray color. Birds of another species produce pigments that allow them to see only red color. Offspring of these 2 species, however, can fully produce both types of pigment together and therefore can see both gray and red colors. This is an example of
a. Codominance c. Competitive dominance e. Blending
b. Complete dominance d. Incomplete dominance

5. A cross between a pure-breeding white flower, long stem (rrLL) plant, and a pure-breeding red flower, short stem (RRll) plant would produce (R = dominant red flower, r = recessive white flower, L = dominant long stem, l = recessive short stem).
a. All white flowers and long stem plants c. All red flower and short stem plants
b. All red flower and long stem plants d. All white flower and short stem plants

6. A dihybrid cross between YYSS and yyss would produce offspring with which of the following genotype?
a. YYSS b. YySs c. yyss d. Yyss

7. In horses, B = black coat b = brown coat T = trotter t = pacer
Which of the following is the genotype of a black trotter?
a. BBtt b. Bbtt c. BBTt d. bbTt

8. Mary has type AB blood. Which of the following is true?
a. Mary can only receive type AB blood
b. Her plasma contains both antibody A and B
c. Her red blood cells contain surface antigens A and B
d. If Mary receives type A blood, the antibody A would react with her cells

9. Which of the following represent a normal gamete and which is a normal diploid cell? Please label each clearly.
a. GRr b. GgR c. Gr d. GgRrCC

10. Prior to DNA replication, the DNA molecule is unwound by
a. Ligases c. DNA polymerases
b. Helicases d. Single-strand binding proteins

11. If there is one molecule of DNA at the beginning of DNA replication, how many total molecules of DNA would you have after three replications?
a. Two b. Eight c. Four d. Sixteen

12. The primary RNA transcript is processed before it is transported to the cytoplasm for translation. This processing of RNA
a. Speeds the process of transcription
b. Helps in recognition by the ribosome
c. Protects the molecule from being degraded by cytoplasmic enzymes
d. Both a and b are true
e. Both b and c are true

13. In DNA, A, C, G, and T are abbreviations for the
a. different types of bases on the nucleotides.
b. different types of sugars on the nucleotides.
c. types of genes found on DNA chromosomes.
d. different types of bonds that form between nucleotides.
e. different types of phosphates on the nucleotides.

14. There are between 20,000 and 25,000 genes in the human genome, yet our cells are capable of producing more than 90,000 different proteins. How is this possible?
a. Many genes are actually yet to be discovered.
b. Introns are spliced back together to form mRNAs.
c. Micro-RNAs can also be used to make proteins.
d. Primary transcripts can be edited in different ways by alternative splicing to produce different mRNAs.

Please help! I am unsure about this.

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  1. We will be glad to respond to your choices.

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