In mitosis, if a cell has 4 chromosomes in prophase, how many chromosomes will this cell have in metaphase?
a. 64 b. 32 c. 16 d. 8 e. 4

If a cell has 20 chromosomes in G1, how many chromatids will be present during prophase?
a. 30 b. 20 c. 5 d. 40

Which of the following statements is incorrect about homologous chromosomes?
a. Homologous chromosomes are similar but not identical
b. Homologous chromosomes have the same size and function
c. Homologous chromosomes contain genes for the same kind of protein products
d. Homologous chromosomes cannot be duplicated

When a human cell undergoes meiosis, the resulting daughter cells
a. Are diploid
b. Have identical genes
c. Differ in their genetic combinations
d. Have genes identical to the parental cells

Fertilization of a sperm and an egg results in the formation of a _________
a. Diploid cell
b. Zygote
c. Cell with a new genetic combination
d. All of the above
e. Both a and b

During crossing over in meiosis I, homologous chromosomes
a. Separate and migrate toward opposite ends
b. Exchange segments of DNA
c. Condense and separate
d. Line up at the metaphase plate

Which of the following cells contains two sets of chromosomes (i.e. diploid cell)?
a. Zygote b. Gamete c. Sperm cell d. Egg cell e. Spermatid

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  1. My guessing on these answers on these questions that im not sure of that i posted is, 1. d 2. b 3. a 4. a 5. c 6. a

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